Effortlessly living is so much fun

I did not do a break in the primeval forest. It was being done.

Alexius did not stop to take a break in the primeval forest. It was taken for him. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

As said in the previous article, There is nothing to escape, drinking alcohol, chanting or meditating is just the same. This is not to say though, that there is something else, that is better to do, since no matter what you choose to do, you can only do so because you believe to be a doer. And being someone is the root of all problems.

This the none-doer senses, whereas the doer think, it will make a difference whether one chooses to chant, spread love, change the political system or whatnot. But it does not matter. Just like it does not matter what colour of car you choose in a game like Monopoly, since it is not a car but just a symbol of it.

There is only room for one perception in the none-doer, namely to see everything as symbols of that which is one, and so everything in a world where there seems to be more than one ceases to have other meaning that being a symbol – no matter if the symbol have the colour of love or hate.*

While the non-doer still appears to have a body, the non-doer is free to do, what seems doable, because there is no one doing it.

In other words, when everything you seem to do is perceived as a symbol of that which is one, what you accomplish is nothing but another symbol of oneness, which means nothing has been done. You are a non-doer.

*) In the below hacks you can read more about seeing everything in a world where there seems to be more than one as symbols of that which is one.

NOTE: This article is part of the hack #1.1 If you are looking for the truth, you have come to the wrong place.