INTRO TO HACK #1.2, The world is make-believe

There is no world there. It is make-believe. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

There is no world there. It is make-believe. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The way that you experience a person is not a fact but a belief. And it is not just a matter of belief, that you love somebody and are loved back. The whole way you perceive your beloved is make-believe. Whatever you experience your beloved to do and say is something you make up. And not only that. The experience of you as experiencing somebody is also a fabrication.

What you appear to be is not ´there´. It is an imagination that you believe to be real – so is your beloved and the whole world including astral planes and whatnot.

Metaphorically speaking the experience of you as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one can be compared to sitting in a bath top, where there seems to be a mysterious world full of indistinct creatures ascending from the mist of the steaming hot water.

The more you sink into this world of adventurous creatures, the clearer you seem to see to them – and it is even seems like you are one of them. For a while you sense it is nothing but a daydream, but soon your interact with this fantasy of yours makes you so excited, that it is experienced to be real.

To forget that your key to your home is in the pocket is not a problem, because when looking for it, you will sooner or later search your pocket, and see that it is exactly where it has been all the time. You had just forgotten.

The sound of the water in the bath top, however, sooner or later reminds you, that you have forgotten reality – and so you see, there is no world in the mist. It was just a daydream.

NOTE: This is the first article of hack #1.2 The world is make-believe.


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