It is your choice to be conditioned by others, and you have made this choice for a reason


The graphic is grabbed from Ello.

When blaming your parents, society and whatnot for having conditioned you, forces judged to come from outside appear to victimize you, so that they – and not you – seem to be the cause of your behaviour. In other words, your arguments for having been conditioned by others make it possible for you to override your sense of fairness and behave in ways that otherwise would not be acceptable to you.

Yet others are not to blame for how you are conditioned. It is you, who have chosen to be conditioned by your parents, society and whatnot. Maybe you wanted the acknowledgment, that seemed to come from such a choice – or maybe you wanted to live an easy life as a consumer who only have to ratify others decisions.

No matter for what reason you have chosen to be conditioned by others, the choice can be undone when acknowledged as your choice, as being yours you can always make a new one.