INTRO TO HACK #1.3, Thoughts are nothing


The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Unless you attribute thoughts with a meaning, they have none. Just like a constellation of stars have no meaning, unless you choose to compare the form of the constellation to something that seems similar to an appearance, you have attributed with a meaning in the past.

The constellation of stars in the above image is called Leo. But even though the maker of the image has drawn a lion in the sky to help you imagine this constellation to look like a lion, it is not a lion. There is no lion in the sky. It only seems so, if the viewer wants to confirm that specific meaning of this specific constellation of stars.

To take it a step further. There are no stars in the above image. They are simulated and made via a computer by small squares called pixels, that are added together in such a way, that they look like stars. That is, if you are looking for this meaning and project thoughts accordingly onto the image. If you do not look for thoughts to give these pixels a specific meaning, they will not appear as stars or anything else at all – and so there is nothing there to see.

The conditioning of you, that you do not like, is perceived to come from outside, as you have excluded what you judge to be bad in yourself by projecting it on something judge to be different from you.

Thoughts are meaningless, unless you believe that specific ones will make you appear to be someone special, and that if more thoughts are added by fabricating a connection to them as well, you become more special and therefore more alive. This construction of thoughts you establish as the right one, and all other thoughts you reject as yours by judging them to be wrong.

Thoughts are just passing by and they have no power to create your perception of the world, unless you give them that power by for example trying to define the meaning of this pic, so that it confirms the way you have conditioned yourself to experience the world.

Thoughts are just passing by and they have no power to create your perception of the world, unless you give them that power by for example using them to define the meaning of this image. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Thoughts are of no importance when you do not abide with them, and this you only do if you want to be important.

As long as you have a need to prove, you are someone special, you will attribute thoughts with meaning. In other words, you give them power and therefore become a victim of them. this may be experienced as being a victim of the thought, that you have given the meaning of the ego, or your parents, or partner or simply others.

But if you do not have the need to be someone special, there is no need to attribute thoughts with meaning, so they are just drifting by and have no power whatsoever over you.

NOTE: This is article is the first one of hack #1.3 Thoughts are nothing.