A world where there seems to be more than one is to be compared to a movie of that which is one played in slow motion

This is leaves from a palm tree outside my window, that I have processed in a very speedy way to simulate the look of such a leaf, when its frequencies are not slowed down. The simulation though looks far from how speedy the real world is.

This is a leaf from a palm tree that Alexius has processed into a fantasy of what it may look like when not organised into something substantial which is separated from something else. His vision, however, is far from illustrating the formlessness of oneness. It is without separation, so there is nothing to be seen. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

What and where you appear to be is fictional

When you organise and take time to process everything, you slow down the natural flow of thoughts. Thus you can postpone your perception of the present experience until you have fabricated one that matches your past definition of yourself and the world.

Not trying to understand this article by taking your time to process it, you are direct on a course for that which is one because it cannot be realised since that calls for more than one.

Anxiety, however, is preferable in regards to being that which is you because restlessness prevents you from arranging thoughts into something definable. Chaotically they, therefore, run as fast as they can back to their origin of nothing – just like a river runs back to the sea when not controlled. Consequently, there is not something to uphold the construction of thoughts that constitute what you believe to be. That may feel like the end. But there is no end to that which is you. It is that which is one, and since it is formless, it is endless.

It is only in the world of duality, that there appears to be movements, and that there can be more of it. In reality no movements can appear, because everything move so fast that it is one perpetual present as you can see illustrated in these pics of a fan.

In that which is one, everything moves so fast that there is no separation – like in the first image, where the speed of the ceeling fan cancels out separation. When the fan, however, is slowed down, there seems to be separation. In the same way, a world where there seems to be more than one appears to come into being when that which is one is slowed down. The graphic is grabbed from the web and manipulated by Alexius.

In the movie Lucy, Scarlett Johansson demonstrates that when time is speeded up infinitely, there is nothing to see. This is comparable to that which is one. It is so speedy that there is no separation to define something in it. Hence it is formless and therefore endless. Consequently, a world where there seems to be more than one is an illusion.

Oneness can be compared to a movie where it is impossible to distinguish anything from each other because it is played so fast that none of its frames can be seen. A world where there seems to be more than one can be likened to a slowed-down version of this movie in which there appears to more than one frame. And, therefore, lots of different things to see (also read You feel stressed from perceiving the apparent differences to make a difference).

So if you believe to be someone in the movie of a world where there seems to be more than one, the way to undo this belief is to speed up the film – or rather your experience of it. Since that is a combination of thoughts, the faster they move, the more the frames appear to press on, and the less you get the experience of more than one.

The Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk plays extremely rapid, intricate patterns of notes, which produce overtones so trance-inducing, that a cascade sound of purity makes you forget, it is ignited by the speed and complexity underneath it. Read more about that here.

This happens automatically when you do not organise thoughts into shapes of something recognisable. When not imprisoned, thoughts set off at a speed where it is impossible to grab more than one at a time. Hence the experience of a world where there seems to be more than one fades out. Eventually, that which is one, therefore, does not seem to be clouded by more than one anymore.

In other words, returning to oneness is not about slowing down thoughts, least of all stopping them. Doing that, you are, in the context of the movie metaphor, stuck in a frame separated from others. This is as far away, you get from that which is one because it is not deadlocked but free-flowing energy, moving at such a speed that everything is fused into the formlessness of oneness.

This picture and the first one in the article has been processed from the same digital photo. Nothing has been added to the images. But the digital info is manipulated differently. It is a bit like when the brain from the same void of nothing renders a world in a world where there seems to be more than one. Read more about that here. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The brain is in charge of a world where there seems to be more than one

When thoughts are not shaped into blocks of something that like interlocking Lego bricks are used to build an experience of you as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, they are recognised as meaningless. Thus their blankness reveals what always was and will be since it is formless and therefore endless, namely that which is one.

Since this explanation, like any other, requires more than one, and from the above, it follows that there is no more than that which is one, the statement is fictitious. The same, of course, applies to the description of oneness as speedy.

Actually, Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings is a fiction within the fiction of a world where there seems to be more than one. The purpose of the bogus that you read is to expose, anything requiring more than one is unreal. It is, however, only in the context of recognising this, thoughts should not be organised into specific shapes. Living the fiction as if you are someone in it, thoughts must be set up in constructions that seem to confirm this. But not in the way you would expect.

Although Alexius appears to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, he is not. Just like in the context of such a world, he is not in a game he plays. It is something he pretends to be. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

A dream is not coherent. To make it meaningful, relationships that seems to connect the discontinuity into something understandable is made up. But no matter how a dream is interpreted, you were not there but in your bed.

Likewise, what and where you appear to be in a world where there seems to be more than one is an illusion because there is no more than that which is one since it is formless and therefore endless.

One way to undo the belief that you are someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, is to pretend you are there. What and where you pretend to be, you are not. This does not mean that feeling angry, for example, is over. To pretend being mad, one must feel it. Read more about that in hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation.

What you perceive to be real, imaginative or spiritual is based on thoughts, the brain has combined into specific shapes in the same way it composes a dream, namely turbulent, chaotic, unpredictable and incompatible with your rational perception of yourself and the world. So if this chaos seems to support that, it is because you in retrospect interpret the irrational arrangements of the brain in a way that makes them seem to be connected logically.

The brain, however, has no intention of supporting your speculations. All it cares about is like a magician pulling rabbits out of hats, so you feel entertained. When you do the laundry, for example, it may build up thoughts, so you are led to begin as you would expect. But when it starts to bore you, the brain makes thoughts that pull you to the window. Going along with this, as you would if it was an impulse to go to the toilet, you feel amused by the view and return energised to your laundry.

If you, on the other hand, had planned that doing the laundry should progress linearly, and you tried to stick to that, going to the window does not seem to be entertaining but disturbing. Hence you blame the brain for having distracted you and look for methods to control it, so you will be free from it and can do things in your own way and pace.

But just like you do not control the course of a dream, you have no say in how things evolve when you believe to be awake. The brain is always in charge. If it has scripted you to go to the window, you cannot avoid it. Read more about the brain´s script in hack #4.2The brain´s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.

Playing along with the game of the brain, it rewards you with so much happiness that, eventually, there is no more to ask for. Read more about that here. Hence that which is one does not appear to be clouded by a world where there seems to be more than one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

That being said, you are free to decide whether you go to the window slowly or fast. Yet, no matter your choice, the subsequent events have already been arranged by the brain. In the same manner, as the writer of a video game has composed every part of it, the brain has scripted all possibilities in the game of being someone in a world where there seems to be more than one. Nothing in the plot can be changed.

Astrology is an attempt to disregard the brain and make it look like you are governed by something else than the brain. The same applies to religious and spiritual doctrines. Also the unfortunate belief that physical and non-physical issuess can be mixed Read more about how this belief is uphold by the concept of physhosomatic disseases in hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues.

Nor is it necessary, because when there is no attempt to change the game, ´it is what it is´ (read more about this perception in hack #4.2 The brain´s script and how to perceive it to feel happy). Just like in a roller coaster ride, the fear of falling down, therefore, is as entertaining as the kick of moving up. Thus you do not need to look for something specific to make you happy, and you never regret but enjoy it if something goes downhill.

Read more about the absurdity of avoiding negativity in Positive thinking is bullshit and All experiences are make-believe.

When you continuously perceive everything in the game as it is what it is, this perception will undo what you believe to be. So by having fun, the belief in being someone, eventually, is undone. That is what hack #4.2 The brain´s script and how to perceive it to feel happy brings about. The benefit of the other duality hacks is the same. In other words, you have fun believing to be someone while having this belief undone by an undemanding flow of nothing. One or more of the duality hacks apply themselves when you keep reading Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teaching.

NOTE: This is article is part of hack #1.1 What and where you appear to be is make-believe.

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