You can help yourself by judging me as hard as possible

Please judge me. Point your finger at me, so you can forgive yourself for what you have judged yourself to be by following your three fingers back to yourself.

Point your judging finger at me and follow the three fingers pointing back to yourself in order to feel what your accusations do to you, so that this feeling can be included instead of excluded. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

If you find typos or anything else in Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings that upset you, please judge me as hard as you can, because by pointing a finger at me, the judgements you have made upon yourself are mirrored right in front of you.

This does not necessarily means that you make typos yourself, but that you see what it does to you, when you consider somebody or something to be wrong. Maybe you get furious, because you have perfected an image of yourself as someone who always does the right thing. Nevertheless you are secretly dreaming about not giving a shit, so by judging me to be wrong this part of your personality seems to not be in you but me.

In order to be someone specific you must exclude everything, that does not fit into the specific image, you have decided to show off. What you have excluded, however, will continue to upset you, so you must exclude it again and again in order to uphold your specific image. In other words, what is excluded is still needed if you want to be confirmed as someone specific. If not, you can just include it.

This exclusion of part of your personality seems at first to relieve the inner pressure, but not for long, so again you must point the YOU finger at somebody else and blame them for what you feel, until you follow the three ME fingers back to where the problem is, and see that you judge others to be wrong because you perceive something to be wrong in yourself.

This is just an example. Maybe it is something else that is going on in you, and maybe you do not know what it is. Yet you do not need to know it to include it, which contrary to exclusion it is not about making something definable.

It is a lot easier to see in others, what you have excluded from yourself. It may take years of psychologically treatment or meditation to see what you can see in less than a minute by pointing your judging finger at somebody else in this moment.

The more you include, the less specific you appear to be – and the less specific you appear to be, the more there is nobody to be bothered by somebody.

NOTE: This little article, that is part of hack #1.4 You cannot change the world, but you can change your perception of it is an appendix to the previous one The YOU finger and the three ME fingers.