Life is neither a cause or an effect, there is no karma!

If the car in this image makes you feel in a specific way, you are constructing an effect yourself. The image has no power to create any effect at all.

If the car in this image seems to make you feel in a specific way you are constructing this effect yourself. The image has no power to cause you to feel anything at all. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You do not reap as you sow, and you do not get presents from Santa Claus, unless you are superstitious.

Karma promotes the idea, that physical, mental or emotional respond is an effect caused by an action in the past. But when you for example hammer a nail into the wall, you get an immediate physical effect of the nail moving into the wall. And this is not an effect of something you did in the past or in a so-called former life, but of something you do right now, so if you see a connection to the past it is a fabrication of your own.

If you hit your finger while hammering on the nail and remember you once hit somebody else, there is no cause and effect in play except. unless you invent it. Hitting the finger is just an accident. Nothing in your past caused it, norr is there anything set in motion for the future, apart from going to the doctor if the finger was hit very hard.

Karma is a construction of yours
The above conclusion is disappointing if you want causal connections to imply, your appearance as someone specific has a special meaning. However, as that which is you is the formlessness of that which is one, it is completely meaningless to appear as if you are someone definitive in a world defined by time and space, so such a connection have to be fabricated.

To suffer from bodily pain just because you accidentally hit your finger does not make you appear to be someone interesting, but by making a connection to for example your father, as if the pain relates to the sadness you seemed to cause him in your childhood, you have a basis for a story of cause and effect, where you and your father are part of something greater, so that you appear to be someone special with a higher purpose.

On top of that, such an invention of cause and effect makes it possible to justify any thought, emotion or action as ´caused´ by something greater, so that destiny can be used to justify everything you think, feel and do. In this way, you appear as innocent and something as guilty. Yet it never works as intended, because having excluded something from yourself by projecting it on something that is judged to be outside of you will not feel innocent but guilty.

If you feel upset and you justify it with what you perceive somebody else to have done or not done, you will feel instant guilt and probably also fear, as you will be afraid of the retaliation you expect from those you have judged to cause you feeling upset.

The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Every time you look for something, that seems to be able to justify your current state, you fabricate cause and effect – also called karma. As it is all an imagination, you feel the effect of it in the very same moment you imagine this connection. There is no other karma than this imagined connection of cause and effect. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Your construction of karma has no effect in the future but now
Every time you look for something that seems to justify your current state, it will appear to be caused by that and therefore to be an effect of it. Hence your state of mind feels real right now. So this fabrication of cause and effect is not something you will feel in the future but in the same moment, you exclude feelings from yourself by justifying them as caused by something judged to be separated from you.

Most want to believe the idea of karma, because if they are caused by something, the conclusion seems to be they exist.

But if you do not construct this connection, there is no cause. And as an effect cannot exist without a cause and vice versa, there is no specific state of mind. In other words, if you do not justify what you seem to think or feel it has no effect and so karma falls apart.

As the oneness of life is formless, it is without beginning and end and therefore everything. Hence nothing else could have caused it, neither can it cause anything else. In other words, whatever appears as if it is ruled by cause and effect is lifeless.

The concept of karma seems to prove, that a world where there seems to be more than one is real. But this proof is just as silly as when a little child believes Santa Claus is the cause of presents and based on this assumption of cause and effect concludes that Santa is real.



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