A joyful life

When you download a song, you get fragments of it from all over the world that must be organised on your computer into one song in order to be able to hear it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you download a pirated song as a torrent file, you get fragments of it from all over the world, that must be compiled on your computer into one song in order for you to be able to hear it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Let us take a look at pirated music, books and movies – not from a moral point of view though, but to see what is happening behind the scenes when you download pirated files.

What happens when you download pirated music?
The file, that is used to download pirated music is called a torrent file, does not contain the actual music. It is just a file that is able to grab a great amount of small files with each their own fragment of the music you want. There could be a small file containing the beginning of the music, another one containing the end of it, and many small files containing bits and pieces in between.

None of these files, that are chaotically collected from different computers all over the world, sounds like music before they are combined and translated by an app on your computer into the piece of music you expected to hear, when you started downloading them.

What happens when you believe to think?
The above description of what happens behind the scene, when you download pirated music is more or less
also a description of what is going on, when you believe to be thinking. Because you do not think but download thoughts.

It is like there are patterns of archetypical thoughts – mother, child, love, food, home and so on – in the air around the planet, that are picked up on an unconscious level. The psychologist Carl Jung said thoughts ´are archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious. They are autonomous and hidden forms which are transformed once they enter consciousness and are given particular expression by individuals and their cultures.´

When you for example get the urge for an ice cream, you are diving down in the collective thought pattern of ice creams and connecting with everybody, who is or have been thinking of ice cream. From this vault bits and pieces of collective thoughts are downloaded to the brain, where they are combined into something, that seems to be your personal thoughts about ice cream.

So just like downloaded pirated music is not your music, thoughts of ice cream, love and whatnot are not your thoughts but ´pirated´ ones pieced together from a great amount of collective thoughts piled up throughout centuries of time.

To make long short, you do not think, but collect bits and pieces of thoughts from the collective unconscious, and when the brain have added them together into something judged to be meaningful, you assume it is your thoughts about ice cream, love and whatnot. See also the articles Thoughts do not come from you but The Cloud and A person is to be compared to a machine following preprogrammed movements.

Based on the image of yourself as a person in a world of duality, you may assume, there is a person in this image. And based on your memories of what a person looks like you may even ´see´ the whole body of the person in the image, although it is not there. This is exactly how the world is experienced. Fragmented memories are put together into an imagination of something, that seems to be there, although there is nothing there. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

What happens when you believe to understand?
The process of assuming, concluding or realising something is like the process of thinking. It is based on the collective agreement, that you are someone definitive in a world of duality, and that the thoughts and feelings you seem to have is a proof of this.

But just like the pirated music you download is not actually music but meaningless digital info made of zeros and ones, the thoughts you download are not actually thoughts but meaningless frequencies until translated by the brain into something that appears to be thoughts, that you as someone definitive are thinking yourself. The same applies to this article, which consists of meaningless frequencies hitting your eyes, that he brain translates into you being someone definitive reading it now, although it was read one second ago, as it takes the brain one second to translate the frequencies hitting your eyes into a conscious experience of you being someone reading this. See also Where to find the bliss of ´the empty breath´.

If your native language is not english, your brain or an app – has probably translated the English words into your language. But regardless your language the perception of the words is shaped by your present mood and how you have chosen to condition yourself through history and local culture. In other words, it is not an article by Alexius that you read but yours. See also the All thoughts are meaningless and Eyes do not see, they translate.

What determines the outcome?
When you have chosen what to eat and have swallowed the food, the digestion of it is automatic. It is not a conscious doing of your own. The same applies to thoughts and feelings. When you have chosen, what to be aware of – ice cream, love and whatnot – the process of making it appear to be there happens automatically through you appearing to have thoughts and feelings, that seem to confirm the reality of it.

So what you want is very important. It is your motive or intention that will be the guideline for how bits an pieces of thoughts are processed, and it will also determine how you in retrospect judge the experience of ice cream, love and whatnot.

If I go for a walk in the mountain to be filled up, I will enhance the feeling of loss. But if I go there, because I have everything, I will see everything – and that is joyful.

If Alexius goes for a walk in the mountains to be filled with more experiences, he will enhance the feeling of something is missing, and so something on his walk – either in him or outside – will appear to be wrong. But if he goes there out of a feeling of being filled up, nothing is missing on the walk. One way to always feeling filled up is seeing everything as symbols of that which is one*, because then nothing is missing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If your motive for being conscious about love is that you feel incomplete and miss something, love will be judged through this motive and result in a sense of something is missing or is wrong in the object of your love. But if your motive for being aware of love is joy, meeting your object of love – or anybody else for that matter – will be delightful.

*) You can read about seeing the world of duality as a symbol of non-duality in hack #2.1 Seeing symbols of non-duality in a world of duality.

NOTE: Popcorn Time is a website, where you can listen to music or watch movies in more or less the same way as described above.

But in terms of appearance Popcorn Time is much different from most other web pages with pirated material. It is well designed and looks like a normal legal webpage, so most are not aware, that they are doing something illegal, when they listen to music via Popcorn Time.

A world of duality can be compared to Popcorn Time in the sense that it feels so absolute, that most are fooled into believing, it is the real thing.


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