How to choose a joyful life

If you do not try to control your thoughts, you will go with the flow – and that is joyful. This does not mean to come from the heart, which is nothing but another concept – a construction of thoughts fabricated by the brain.

If you do not try to control your thoughts, they just like a river hurry back to the source of all experiences – and that is a journey full of joy.. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In the last article A joyful life the conclusion was, that if you feel joy, whatever you choose to think of – for example having an ice cream – will result in a joyful experience. If you wonder, how to know if joy is the starting point of an experience, the answer is very simple. Do you sparkle with joy when you read this article? If not, your motivation for reading it is not joy – and that is not because somebody have taken it away from you, but because you do not want it, and so you do not have it.

It is never too late to review your memories and recode the intention behind them, so you will look at the world in a more joyful way today.

In other words, it is not somebody else you need to change in order to feel joy but your own choice. Unfortunately you cannot choose to feel joy, as it is an automatic outcome of not being in control but going with the flow. Fortunately you can choose to not go against the flow.

To follow the flow is not similar to be coming from the heart, as to come from somewhere specific requires that someone definitive is in control.

If you for example feel for an ice cream, do not fight it, but thrust the flow. Doing so may not lead to an ice cream but for sure to a joyful day.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #1.4 You cannot change the world, but you can change your perception of it.