+ A cold turkey from the ego


The size of breasts only matters, if you believe bigger is better. In other words, if you believe the promise of the ego, which always is that it is possible to get more. The ego, however, is just something you have made up, as an excuse for always following your desire for more. But if this desire is perceived to be something you pretend to pursue, you do not have to invent an ego as an excuse for doing so, because what is pretended is not real. Hence pretending undoes the belief in an ego. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Preface to A cold turkey from the ego
You may have noticed, that words like 
ego, mind, soul and god are not very much used in Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings. Why this is so, Alexius does not know, but it could be because these most use these concepts in an attempt to shield off that it is their own choice to appear as if they are somebody definitive in the world defined by time a space. Hence they are not useful in regards to having the belief that you are someone definitive undone.

The ego loves when you try to stop it, because it is not real, so you will not succeed in anything but making it appear to be real. Hence this article is not about stopping the ego or anything else but just a follow-up on the previous article.

A cold turkey from the ego

If you do not think, feel and do as  told by the ego, it will first try to convince you to follow its guidance by referring to all the good things, you have accomplished together, and as a friend remind you of how many more great things, you can accomplish in the future together.

First the ego define something as a problem and then it offers a solution to it, that will make everything better tomorrow – but tomorrow never comes.

Does the above not work, it will try to scare you by stating all the terrible things that can happen if you do not stick to the beaten track. This is meant to upset you, so that the body tightens up and the ego can say: See what I told you – better listen to me.

You will end up week and worthless, the ego might tell you, if you do not follow its guidance. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Should the latter not work the ego will eventually threaten to leave you, implying that this will result in your death. But this is just another lie, because the only one this departure will cause to die is the ego.

Enough about the ego. It does not exist. Neither do you, as what is real is that which is one and to exist requires more than one. But if you believe to exist and this is caused by the ego, it may be a cold turkey to quit this belief and instead pretend to be someone in a world defined by time and space.

To pretend being in such a world can within the context of it be compared to be someone a game like Monopoly. Even though you act like you are there, you know it is not so, but something you pretend. Thus you search for a deeper meaning of the game, look for authenticity or avoid what is false. Pretending to be the blue car in Monopoly is neither more or less genuine than pretending to be the red car. They are both as illusionary as the rest of the game.

All what you can do while, you appear to be in a world, that is not there is to pretend being there. Fortunately that is also enough to set you free from the believe of being there, because where you pretend to be, you are not. Knowing this will undo the belief that you are a someone definitive and without this belief there is nothing to hide that there never was and never will be no more than which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless.