Disintegration from appearances sets you free

They want to avoid embracing their own self hatred.

It is not integration with the world that will make you complete but disintegration from the self, you have constructed and hate for all its imperfection and lack of control. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Those considering themselves to be spiritual like to tell others, that they should be more integrated with nature and mother earth. But just like it is not possible to integrate anything of the virtual world in a game like Super Mario – apart from your perception of it – it is not possible to integrate the elements in a world of duality apart except your perception of it … and perceptions are not lasting.

You cannot be in a virtual world, but you can pretend to be there
As someone in a world of duality you cannot be part of nature or anything else, as there is no duality without separation. A person is just as separated from nature as from a television show. This includes those talking about integration with nature and whatnot, because the nature of duality is separation.

But they feel guilty about not being able to live their own ideas and instead of facing the illusionary nature of their dreamy concepts, they want to make somebody else pay for their failure by making them guilty of not being integrated with the beauty of nature. They write books and arrange seminars to teach others to be integrated with the now, the nature, love and whatnot for no other reason than to avoid embracing their own self-hatred.

The cover up of self-hatred is one of the main motivators of the world. You think, that there is a self but it is just an idea you have spent years of had work to establish. Unfortunately it has not resulting in a self, you can love, so you hate, what you have made yourself to be. You try to improve it by integrating it with this or that or simplify it through meditation hoping you will get better tomorrow. But nothing works, and the reason is simple. There is no self, no soul, no mind, no ego, no person and no tomorrow. Just like there is no Super Mario to improve and no tomorrow for him.

Disintegration sets you free
Integration will never work, but disintegration will. The more you disintegrate from the world, the happier you will be. Disintegration sets you free to explore the world, as you see fit without any risk of loosing anything, because even though you appear to be there you are not of it.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #1.6 Pretending is a way out of duality.