Only by pretending can you appear to be what and where, you are not

You cannot know, how come the person in this image is wearing a t-shirt saying ´I am a screamer´. She might not even know herself. Maybe she imagine, it will make her look cool, and maybe you imagine something else. To make long short: The cause is imagined. Hence there is no real effect. It is also imagined – and so is the whole world, regardless you if you are imagining it to have a so-called spiritual or mundane cause. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The idea behind Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings is, that the world is not real, and as you are that which is real, you can not be in an unreal world. So if you belief to be a person there, you are stuck in a capsule of time and space, where everything – also believing to be energy or something spiritual – has a beginning and an end. If you on the other hand do not believe to be there, you know what and where you are not. Knowing that, you pretend to be what you are not, and so what you appear to be does not seem to hide that which is you.

An effect needs a cause for it to be an effect. If there is no real cause, there cannot be a real effect.

How can you know, you pretend to be in the world?
One way to know, that you pretend to be in the world, is to look at the cause of the actions of for example your boss, spouse or cat. You cannot see what is causing their actions. Even if they tell, you cannot know if they are making it up. Hence you can only ´know´, what caused their actions, by imagining it. And as only what is not real, needs to be imagined, the cause is not real, so the action it seems to cause is an illusion.

In other words: If the cause is imagined, so is the effect and vice versa. And as nobody knows the cause of the world it is an imagination, that it is there. The same applies to you as a person in it.

The breath and the effect of it going in and out of a body is imagined. You are that which is one, and it takes more than one to be or have a body.

To make long short: If you are real, you cannot be in the world, as what is real cannot be part of what is not real. However, you can pretend to be part of it.



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