To undo the apparent effect of duality

A cat does not stay with you because of you, but due to the food you can provide. That you are loving each other is something you pretend, when both get what they need. The same goes for humans.

In most cases it is not because of love for you but the food you provide, that a cat choose to stay with you. That you are loving each other is something you pretend in order to have your needs met. This also applies to the relationships of humans. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Ultimately all what appears to happen in the world is going on inside of you and not in the world, but even within the framework of a world believed to be separated from you lots of it happens in you. You think, for example, about another person and imagine, that this person may love you, and so you imagine, what kind of person it is best to pretend to be to in order to get what you perceive as love from the other person.

When you actually meet the other person, you analyse the apparent external interaction to see, what the other person expects from you or responds positively upon – and so you internally construct a personality, that you imagine will fit the needs of the other person. The personality you have constructed you do not impose on the other person to make it love you. but to make it dependent on you by pretending only you have what it needs.

You both pretend, that the other one makes you complete, and that you cannot live without each other. To belong to someone specific confirms both of you to be real. This self-made prison you can replace with another, but you cannot escape it. To escape from something is an act based on duality, so no matter what you do the result is within the world of duality. No worries. You do not need to do anything, because that which is you is not there.

There is one thing though, that you can do to undo the effect duality seems to have. Pretend to be someone, who loves appearing to be where it is not.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #1.6 Pretending is a way out of duality.