What you pretend to be is not real

The animation is grabbed from the web.

When having bought a plant, where flowers starts to blossom after some time, you may feel as if you have given the flowers life by supporting them with water. Feeling this, it is as if the life you judge to see in the plant verifies you as someone important and alive. The same applies to having children.

But if you do not look at the flowers and the children, as if they are there because of you, they are not an effect of you. In other words, you are not the cause of the life, that seems to be around you, and so it cannot confirm you to be alive.
Not being confirmed as someone alive does not mean that you are not definable in the world – only what is definable can appear in a world defined by time and space – but that definitions do not stick to you. If you swim, you are not a swimmer, but something that swims. If you sing, you are not a singer, but something that appears to sing.
Whatever you appear to be in the world is not that which is you, because it takes more than one to be something and that which is you is no different from that the formlessness of which is one. Hence it is not possible to be in a world defined by time and space, except if you pretend to pretend be there. As what you pretend to be you are not, pretending becomes a way to confirm, that you are not someone in a world defined by time and space but the formlessness of that which is one.