Experiences are make-believe

If you to go to jail in Monopoly you are not locked up behind heavy walls. There is nothing inside the houses, that you can buy and there are no roads to drive on. It is all make-believe. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

If you to go to jail in Monopoly you are not locked up, because there is no jail there. And there is nothing inside the houses, you can buy, neither no roads you can drive. It is all make-believe. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

If you have to go to jail, when playing Monopoly, you know it is not for real. Yet may you act like it is a bad thing and say shit or something like that, because you know that is the way to respond to it.

In other words, you are just pretending to be upset, and you are doing it in the way, you are supposed to in your specific culture. In the colder countries on planet Earth the reaction could often be intellectual and in the warmer countries more emotional. There is nothing honest about this respond, when you are playing Monopoly. It is part of the game, and so is every respond in the game of the world of duality.

You may want to be an authentic person in the world and meet similar ones. But persons are no more authentic than the prison in Monopoly. The prison is actually not there. It is just an idea, and it is only the believe in this idea, that seems to keep you locked up in a prison. Likewise it is only the believe in the idea of being someone definitive, that seems to keep you stuck in a world of duality.

You are being played
You are not in the world – like in the context of the world you are not in Monopoly – and you can only appear to be there, because you pretend so Nothing there is authentic. It is all make-believe. Yet it is quite fun pretending to be there, if you do not forget it is all pretence.

Forgetting that you start taking it seriously, and so you believe that it is the end when the body stops to function – or that some special part of you reincarnate, go to heaven or something else that seems to keep you alive as someone important.

There is absolutely no likeness between the one playing Monopoly and the car the player pretend to drive. It can never transcend into something else, neither is it needed, as it is all going on in the player.

The universe only exists, when you look at it
Speaking of the world of duality, the player stopped playing it a long time ago. In fact the player stopped the game in the exact same moment, it started, because the world of the player is timeless and formless, so it is not possible to play a game of a world defined by time and space. It is just some fragments of this idea, that is floating around and is experienced to be a universe with living creatures.*

Nobody in this universe, however, has been able to find the origin of it. In fact quantum physics says, there is no universe, it only exists when you look at it, which is another way of saying, the world is in the eye of the beholder – just like the world of Monopoly only exists when you believe it is there.

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NOTE: This article is part of hack #1.6 Pretending is a way out of duality.