Life cannot be defined by time and space

My cats world is meussurable to be about 500 meters around my house. They may sense what humans call the ocean in the distance, but to them it may be part of a mystic experience.

As the cats of Alexius have never been close to the ocean, the look of it from a distance may to them considered to be part of a mystic experience. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Life cannot be defined by time and space, and as everything in the world one way is measured by that, life is not in the world. Hence you cannot know, what life is, when you look at the world.

It is like trying to know, what the wind is, when you look at a tree that is broken because of it, or the grass that it has bended, or the sound produced by it in the leaves. The wind cannot be defined trough those definable events. None of those definable things are the wind – it cannot be known via events caused by it. The same applies to electricity for example. It cannot be known by experiencing what is illuminated by an electric lamb.

Some may argue, that chakras, aura and mystic experiences cannot be measured by time and space. But there are already ways to take photos of the aura. Besides so-called spiritual experiences – like all other experiences – are basically electrical impulses that can be measured in the brain.

The world – including worlds beyond it – consists only of measurable things. If you shrunk yourself to be an ant, the world, that you normally see close to you, is extremely far away and may be experienced as a world beyond – but it is not. Infinity is also measurable. It is a concept, deduced from what is finite. In other words, it is a finite infinity.

There is no ego to get rid of, neither is there any self, soul, higher states, god or whatever to find. Those concepts are ideas conceived within the framework of a world defined by time and space and reality cannot be defined.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #2.1 Seeing symbols of non-duality in a world of duality.