An illusion symbolises that which is real

No appearances lasts, but that which makes the experience of them possible never ends. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In a dream persons and events are normally experienced to be very real, though everything there is an illusion, and you are not in the world of it but in your bed.

Every appearance in a dream seems to have a personality, but that is all they have. There is nothing inside. No self or soul, and no god or anything else to guide them. Nothing can to be learned in a dream, since it is an illusion. For the same reason, there is nothing to learn or transform. What seems to be ´there´ is all gone, when a dream is over.

Likewise the formlessness of that which is you is not in a world defined by time and space, though you appear to be someone definitive there.

That which is real is the reason, that what is not real can be perceived as if it is.

Since you experience to be reading this you believe to be someone in the dream called The World,  Even though the dream is lifeless, you can only experience to be ´there´ because of life, so all you can realise is that you are nothing and that which is making the dream possible is everything.

So where is life? Nowhere, because it requires more than one to be somewhere, and life is the formlessness of that which is one. Fortunately there is no difference between that which is you and that which is life.

There is no awakening from the dream called The World because that which is you is not there.

But while you appear to be in a world without life, you can perceive all the appearances there as symbols of that which makes it possible to experience them, namely that which is life, and so the apparent differences of the appearances do not make a difference, which means your appearance fades out – and without it there is nothing to hide there is no difference between that which is you and the oneness of life.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #2.1 Seeing symbols of non-duality in a world of duality.


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