SH ALONE? What is real, is right in front of you

In an augmented reality created via special glasses, your digitally altered face can be seen like that by others also make those special glasses.

In an augmented reality, that can appear via special glasses, your digitally face can be altered like this and seen in the same way by others wearing those glasses. This image is grabbed from an article about augmented reality.

Let us say you have invited a friend for dinner tomorrow and plan to serve ravioli with pesto sauce. The same moment you are imagining this, the same moment it is served. The more concrete and material image of it, that arrives tomorrow in a slightly different version is an afterimage of the more transparent version, you had in your mind.

Not all that you imagine arrives as an after image. The engine of the world is to be compared to a beta version of an app, so not everything works as it is supposed to.

Time and space in the world of a game like Super Mario is construction, and everything that can possibly happen there is pre-programmed. Events may seem to progress in time, but they are all stored together on a tiny spot without any time and space in between them. In other words, small and big is an illusion, so is past and future and the vastness of the world is simply an illusion made by the play of light on the screen.

Maybe without knowing it, the makers of games like that are replicating how the world – included bonus ones like astral worlds – is fabricated, namely in the exact same way as a video game.

The new technology called AR – augmented reality – can also be used to demonstrate this. You put on some glasses, that changes what you see in front of you according to how they are programmed so that you appear to participate in a virtual world fabricated on top of – and from elements of – the physical world.

Everything in the virtual world appears to be as real as in the physical world – just like chatting on social media exactly like chatting in the physical world makes you feel something, although social media is virtual.

Photo: Myrna Suarez/Simon & Schuster

David Cronenberg. Photo: Myrna Suarez/Simon & Schuster

»We have absorbed the internet into our nervous systems, and it has made us different,« says Canadian director David Cronenberg, who is very fascinated by technology, in the article David Cronenberg on Predicting the Future and What a Dog’s Reality Is Like.

AR glasses can also be programmed to give you a special appearance, so that other persons with the same kinds of glasses will see you with the programmed appearance of your choice.

The world. that you think you see, can be compared to what you see wearing glasses, that are programmed to make a world where there seems to be more than one appear on top of that which is one.

It seems, that only one who is to be compared to the enlightenment of that which is one grasps, that what normally is perceived to be the world is just an artificial reality layered on top of that which is real. It is like everybody is wearing glasses programmed to see a world where there seems to be more than one, although there is no more than the formlessness of that which is one since formlessness is endless.

¡¡¡ Reality is right in front of you. All you have to do is to take off the glasses, that appears to hide it !!!

NOTE: This article is part of hack #2.2 Everything experienced is a symbol of life.


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