No time, no world

This is an image of a dying star grabbed from the web.

This image of one of the many dying stars in the universe is grabbed from the web.

The universe is dying. It is only a matter of time. And when it is all over there is no more time. Hence there never was a world defined by time and space – just one perpetual present.

»After a short, productive explosion of early activity, the universe has begun its long mope towards oblivion. To the extent that anything was ever important, it won’t be. Time, space, energy, matter – all gone … That’s right: Everything you know and love, the entire universe of possible things, will be gone.« from the article The End of the Universe published in Wired.

NOTE: This little splash is an appendix to the previous article All experiences are equally unreal, which just like this article is part of hack #2.2 Everything experienced is a symbol of life.