What is unreal is right in front of you

A world of duality can be compared to this box in the Augmented Hand Series. When you stick your hand into it an app changes it on the screen, and the brain fools you into feeling it is happening to you.

Even though a fairy tale is built with elements from the physical world, it cannot be found in the tale, which is a simulated world, fabricated by a writer. The characters have no free will. They can never leave the story and be part of the physical world because they are not physical but symbols of it.

A world of duality can be compared to a fairy tale. Nothing in it is real and can never be, and no one can ever leave or transcend it. The Augmented Hand Series called Flong by Golan Levin and Collaborators can be used to illustrate this through its interactive art.

In the Augmented Hand Series you can watch your hand take on a life of its own. Here your fingers grow to varying lengths.

In the Augmented Hand Series you can watch your hand take on a life of its own. Here your fingers grow to varying lengths.

When you stick your hand in a little box – see the above animation – you experience the hand on the screen changing its amount of fingers and moving them in its own right without you doing anything or having any influence over what happens. No one has. What the hand does is nothing but preprogrammed mechanical movements controlled by an app.

The little box and the screen create a disconnect between what the eye sees, the body feels and the brain processes. Some look into the box to see if it is really happening to their hand. It feels like it is. That is what the brain is telling them to believe based the info it received through the eyes, even though the hand on the screen is not part of them.

The human brain can be compared to the app, that is made to simulate your hand on the screen in ´the Augmented Hand Series´ illustrated in this article, as in a world of duality all experiences are simulations processed by the brain – also experiences like coming from the heart or living in the now. It is just a trick – and so is meditation.

It is impossible, but yet you feel it is happening.

These movements are not possible. Yet you feel like they are happening.

The world of duality is not really happening. It is a simulated world and you are not in it. Yet it feels so because you metaphorically speaking have put yourself in a little box, where an app called the brain twist that which is you into a world of duality. And as it is not real, it needs not to be stopped. Actually, it cannot be stopped. If it could, it would be real. But you can stop perceiving the apparent differences in a world of duality to make a difference because without differences there is no separation and hence no time and space to hide the formlessness of non-duality.

While you feel, you are in a world of duality nothing needs to be done, improved or transcended. It is all make-believe – including living in the now, love, astral planes and other concepts like that – and when you know that, you know you are not there. In other words, you are in the world but not of it.

The impossible can be fun, when you know it is not real.

The impossible is fun when you know it is not real. In a simulation, you can play out your fantasies and achieve the impossible without any risk because you are not there.

One way of undoing the belief in a world of duality is to pretend to be someone in a world of duality instead of believing to be there (hack #1). Another way is – in the context of the disassociated hand metaphor and hack #2 that this article is a part of – to see the disassociated hand as a symbol of the real hand.

A shortcut to undoing the belief in a world of duality, so that nothing hides the non-duality of that which is you is to not know what and where you are, contrary to knowing yourself as that requires more than one, and that which is you is one.

Alexius´ Duality Hacks are not accompanied by soft music with sounds from whales, pictures of rosy lotus flowers, promises of a better world, fantasies of love and togetherness, higher states of consciousness or other attributes from a simulated reality.

Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings have nothing to promise but that which is you will never change, neither will it end. That being said, as long as you seem to appear in a world of duality, you can play with any of beginning, change and end.

If you like love, by all means, go for it. In the case of Alexius, he likes to pretend, that he loves his cats, and miss them when he does not perceive them to be there, even though nothing can leave that which is one, as it is formless and therefore endless. Whatever you pretend is not a problem in regards to that which is one, because what you pretend, you are not.

You can also choose to see love as a symbol of that which is you so that which is you does not seem to be altered, while you play with a simulated reality of that which is you.

This is just another way to say, that you can never go wrong if you choose one of the above duality hacks. But it is not to say, that they are the only ones. Ultimately it does not matter, what you choose, because that which is you is one, so no choice is possible.


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