The construction and deconstruction of the personality

You must let appearances pass – including the appearance of time and you as a person – if you want to see that which is real.

You must let appearances pass – including the appearance of time and space – if you do not want to hide that which is real. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The construction of the personality that you experience yourself and others to have can be compared to what happens on Facebook. Based on what you like and indirectly what you do not like the algorithms of Facebook will calculate, what kind of personality you have, so the more you like, the more your personality is established.

In accordance with the personality Facebook has constructed you receive updates and adds, that confirms its definition of your specific personality. In this way, you will be more and more fixated in the points of views you already have of what is right and wrong, so that reality seems to be that you and those you consider to be like-minded are the good ones and others the bad ones. Facebook, however, does the same for those you consider to be wrong, so just like you they think, they are the right ones.

4When you hit ´like´ many times on for example tv shows, Facebook will bring you updates and adds within this category, but most likely it will also bring you adds for loosing weight and exercising, because from its database it knows, that people watching a lot of tv tends to be on the fat side.

As a consequence you will not only feel fat but wrong, as slim is supposed to be right – or if you already felt that, Facebook has confirmed your personality to be wrong. But as nobody wants to be wrong themselves, you blame Facebook or others for being wrong, so that their flaws can defined you as right.

From this follows all personalities are in the same boat sharing the belief, that they are right and others wrong. But as each personality is a fabrication and as that which is real is not fabricated, all personalities must be wrong, even though they consider themselves to be right.

To see that which is real, you must choose to ignore the updates from Facebook, which in this article is a metaphor for the conclusions of the brain. You cannot stop the thoughts, that seem to come from the brain. It is like trying to stop the clouds. Their substance is an illusion. Likewise, thoughts and feelings are just empty space.

When everything is perceived as the symbol of the same, everything becomes equally likeable – and so there is nothing to choose. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

In other words, when you choose not to hang onto thoughts but let them pass, they cannot fabricate the substance called the personality, and so that which is you is no longer hidden. Choosing this is not a choice, as that involves a personality. Consequently, choosing this is to not choose.

One way of doing this is to perceive everything that you experience as not that which is you but symbols of it because that makes everything equally likeable, and so you need not choose what to like.


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