+(+) Direct intuition is freedom from choice

Ultimately there are no choices, but in the world of duality there appear to be many.

Ultimately there are no choices, but in the world of duality there appear to be many. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In a world where time appear to be linear everything seems to take time. It takes for example eight minutes for the light of the sun to reach the Earth. So even though the body has been set free – see the previous article To set the body free is to set you free – it takes time before this is realised.

Nothing is very much, when there is no need to be and have more, because before there appeared to be more, there was nothing.

There may be old reflexes, that seems to disregard the new freedom, because the very first reflex as someone in a world where there seems to be more than one is to always be and have more than others, as that seems to confirm there is more than that which is one. But then you can ask yourself, if the quest for more, brings about more satisfaction. And if not, you acknowledge, you must have been wrong in looking for more, which sets you free from the endless demand in the mind for more, so you can enjoy the subtle feeling of everything being a symbol of that which is one.

When the mind is not forced upon the body, as if they are in a higher union, thoughts are not used to decide, where to go but how to go. Where to go may still be ‘heard’ as a thought though, but not one that arises from an inner debate of what is right and wrong.

This is not so much a feeling though, as it is a state of emptiness from where the body acts on direct intuition instead speculations of what is right and wrong. This does not mean, however, that thoughts cannot be useful. They come in handy, when you intuitively are directed to start making dinner, where they are a great a tool in figuring out when to turn on the oven – maybe assisted by Google where you  can see how long time your food should be roasted.

A state of emptiness is too subtle to sense, if you out of habit still look for more. No worries. Until that is phased out you can enjoy the effect of emptiness, that not interfering with the body brings about, namely direct intuition.

If you have children, are in a fixed working situation or something else that seems to limit you do not have to break free from tha. Direct intuition will guide you within those limits. Appearing to be in a world where there seems to be more than one is by itself a limitation of that which is life, so as long as you seem to be a person in such a world, you will not be expanding these limitations but be guided within them.