Nothing but your perception can be changed

Deep down you know, it is not you, who make ´your´ thoughts.

Deep down you know, it is not you, who make ´your´ thoughts. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In the moment of death, you cannot choose to keep on breathing. No matter, what you do breathing will end. So will thoughts. While you seemed to be someone thinking them, they had their own way of coming and going, no matter if you meditated or did some other things to control them.

It is gravity and not you, that makes sure, you do not fall of the Earth.

But they are beyond your control, because it is not you, who think them. Neither is it you, who are breathing. If you consciously should do that yourself, you would not even survive five minutes.

Deep down you know, that thoughts are not yours. That is why some talk about owning them, and most try to organise them and some to partly or wholly to get rid of them. If you were the one making them in the first place, there would be no reason to control them, because you would only make the ones you want to use – or not make any at all. And if it was you breathing, you most likely would not choose to stop breathing or if you did, you would be in control, which you obviously are not.

As you cannot control yourself, the logic conclusion is that you are not unique and independent. You are not someone definitive except in your own imagination. This, however, you will not face, so out of desperation you may invent a god, destiny or some other forces, that are in control of you. Yet no one is in control of you – just like neither you or nobody else is in control of what you appear to be in a dream, neither are you actually there.

A dream has its own script. The only thing, that can be changed, is how you as a person in the world perceive it.

NOTE: This article is part of hack 2.3 Choosing or not.