Life is flat

Animated_fractal_mountainIn hack #2.3 Life is flat, that this article is introducing, you can read about the flatness of non-duality, and how the world of duality is a simulated reality layered on top of it fabricated by imagining, it is possible to duplicate fragments of non-duality, so there appear to be more than one although non-duality is that which is one, and add the fragments together in such a way that they appear to make up a dimensional world.

Non-duality can be compared to the single triangle in the above animation. Although there is only one and it is totally flat, it appears to be a 3D world when multiplied and added together in numerous ways. In other words, the non-dimensional oneness of non-duality has been manipulated to appear as if it is of a dimensional world of duality.


The image is grabbed from the web

Just like the movement in the above image is a trick conducted by the brain, so is the experience of being someone in a world defined by time and space. The image is grabbed from the web

There is no difference between a movie and a world defined by time and space in the sense that those appearing to be in such a world just like the actors in the movie try very hard to act as if they are real persons in a real world, even though where they appear to be is a make-believe world fabricated in the brain, which does not differentiate between so-called reality and imagination, which does not differentiate between so-called reality and imagination.

You are not a victim of the brain. It only does what you have asked it to do.

The brain tries to fool you into thinking, that what you seem to experience is real. Just like it wants you to believe there is a woman reaching out for you in the above image, even though nothing in the image is moving and the woman appearing to be dimensional is an illusion, as the image is flat and static. Ultimately speaking it is not even there.


In a dream nothing is real, and what is real cannot be seen there,

What is real cannot be found in a dream, because nothing is real there. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

In a world of duality, non-duality cannot be seen, so it seems that duality is hiding it. But that is not so. The reason non-duality, cannot be seen is that only what does not exist can be seen.

Does this sound strange to you? Then think of a dream. The ones appearing in it cannot see the dreamer, so only that which cannot be seen in the dream is real. The dream, however, appears to be real, because you believe the info coming from the senses is true.

An illusion may not look like that which is real, but it is only possible due to that which is. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

If you wish to be finished with a world of duality, you are denying non-duality, because although duality is an illusion, an illusion can only be experienced due that which is real, which is non-duality, since it is formless and therefore endless.

In other words, do not close your eyes to escape duality but experience it with eyes wide open, so it will be experienced for what it is, namely a positive confirmation of non-duality.

In other words, when not believing the senses, that which this belief seems to hide, namely non-duality, is there, as it always was and will be.


If there seem to be movements in 3D in this pic, the movement is happening in you and not in the pic. It is non-dimensional and everything is still.

If this image seems to have movements in 3D, it is you who makes it so, because the image is non-dimensional and everything is still. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

If a computer with AI is programmed to think, it is a bird flying around on a star, then the computer can experience this by producing moving images, that suggest it is flying on a star.

Humans can be compared to a machine, that has been programmed to think, that it is someone definitive in a world, that seems to move in 3D, although everything is happening inside the machine in accordance to a non 3D code.


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