INTRO TO HACK 2.4, Life is flat

Animated_fractal_mountainIn hack #2.2 Life is flat, that this article is introducing, you can read about the flatness of non-duality, and how the world of duality is a simulated reality layered on top of it fabricated by imagining, it is possible to duplicate fragments of non-duality, so there appear to be more than one although non-duality is that which is one, and add the fragments together in such a way that they appear to make up a dimensional world.

Non-duality can be compared to the single triangle in the above animation. Although there is only one and it is totally flat, it appears to be a 3D world when multiplied and added together in numerous ways. In other words, the non-dimensional oneness of non-duality has been manipulated to appear as if it is of a dimensional world of duality.


  • The animation is done by António Miguel de Campos / Wikimedia.
  • This article is the first one of hack #2.4 Life is flat.