SH (+) There is only one thing, that needs correction

Pure-LoveOnce upon a time Alexius often went for a cup of coffee and to chill out in a restaurant that seemed to fit into the image, he had fabricated of a cosy place. One day, however, he hated the very same things, he used to love the place for.

A relationship can be a bit the same. The exact things that you originally felt attracted to in another person may one day start to irritate you. The heart cannot be trusted. It is only loyal until it sees something better. Then it starts hating what it used to love and wants to replace it with something better or purer. The heart is week, and so is the whole experience of being someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one. It is not founded on reality but on how you think reality should be – and such a foundation is not sound.

There is no world. It is a deception.

There is no world. It is a deception.

It is the brain, that fabricate the images, you seem to ´see´. In fact the brain can produce perfect images of what seems to be a realistic world out there, even when your eyes are closed. In other words, you are deceived by the brain – but only because you want to.

In every moment since you were born, you have seen the world upside down. That is the way, the reflections of light reaching the eyes, are received. And not before this upside down image has been corrected by the brain into the collectively agreed image of the world, do you ´see´ the world in the way we all have agreed upon it should look.


This correction goes on all the time along together with so many other corrections. For instance, you do not consider the earth to be flat, although it certainly is experienced like that when you look into the horizon.

»Our eyes are constantly lying to us. If you place a dark filter in front of one eye, your eye will perceive flat objects as having depth, which is known as the Pulfrich effect.« From an article about virtual reality in Macworld.

To make long short: Every experience – no matter if you call it direct or whatever – is a deception, that needs to be corrected. The experience of a substantial world that is produced in the brain with the help of the outer senses is a lie because there is nothing but empty space.

If you look for a deeper understanding or to dig deeper into the matter of something, you are enhancing the belief in a world defined by time and space and therefore fencing off the formlessness of life, since formlessness is flat as can be.

Fortunately, all experiences are corrected in one fell swoop, when the belief that you are a someone definitive is undone because then there is nobody to experience anything.



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