SH START (+) The world is not a manifestation of life

Can you count the black points?

How many black dots can you count? Check the notes below the article for the answer.

That which is life is flat compared to a world defined by time and space, as you can read in the previous article One is one, and one is all there is. As flatness has no dimensions life is so small that it has no form. And as formlessness is endless, there is no more than life. Hence a world defined by time and space is not real, but just like a dream an abstraction of that which is. This illusion is only possible because of reality.

seperator2When used in an article this is a symbol of separation. But it has no power to separate anything, unless you project that onto it.

In Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings the words non-duality, life, reality, one perpetual present, spirit, one and oneness, in general, are different words for the same, namely that which is formless and has no beginning and end. In other words, that which is. Those words are limited – they have a beginning and an end like everything else in the world – so they cannot really tell what non-duality, life, reality, one perpetual present, spirit, one and oneness is, but they can point towards it.


The bigger it is the more you believe it must be real, but it is the other way around. That which is real, namely life, has no size at all.

In a world defined by time and space most are looking for something bigger and/or better, but what the above words symbolise is neither bigger or better. It is that which is formless, and therefore not in a world defined by time and space, which therefore is lifeless, so if you seem to see such a world, you must be dreaming.

after-watching-a-scary-movie_1140There only seems to be life in the illusionary world of a movie, because it appears to have an effect on someone. You are someone, that have chosen to be an effect of an illusion.

A dream only appears to be there because of the dreamer. Yet the dream is not the dreamer. Likewise, the world only seems to be there because of life, though the world is not that which is life.

The movie you are watching, while wearing 3-D glasses, is not in 3-D. It is a trick. The movie is actually flat. And the world, that you seem to see in 3D from day-to-day, is not dimensional. Even physically speaking it is not so. It is a fabrication made up by the brain.

Ultimately speaking you do not see the world at all, because only that which is one is real, and it takes more than one to see something, so everything that can be seen is not real. In other words, neither you or the world is real. It is a trick. All there is, is one perpetual present.

Be aware, that the above explanations are metaphors used to explain, what cannot be explained. The world is not a dream, but to be compared to a dream. If the world was a dream, there would be someone dreaming it, and no one is dreaming it. The same applies to the movie metaphor. The world is not a movie, but to be compared to a movie.


  • The answer to how many black dots there are in the top image is that there are none. So if you see any, you believe to be someone in a world that is not there.
  • The graphics in this article are grabbed from cyberspace.
  • This article is part of hack 2.4 Life is flat.