Be happy you are nothing, because reality has no room for something

A person is an imagination constructed by nothing in a way so that it appear as if it is something, when imagining something else can see it.

A person is an imagination constructed out of nothing in a way so that it appears as if it is something by imagining it interacts with something else.

All the ideas, that seems so progressive, like taken responsibility for yourself and accepting yourself as you are, are nothing but the special self doing its usual thing disguised by pretty words. It wants you to believe that it is able to think, feel and take decisions by itself, so you take responsibility for actions and/or accept thoughts, feelings and decisions as if they are yours. Hence the thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions you have accepted or taken responsibility for seem to prove, you are more special than others in a world where there seems to be more than one.

For those who do not like the idea of this narcissistic self, it introduces the idea that it can be transformed into a higher self. It does not matter, that it has no way of proving this and that nobody ever ha transcended into a higher self, because most following such ideas probably had a hard time adjusting to a world where there seems to be more than one, so they are willing to believe anything that promises to make themselves and/or the world better.

The problem though is, that the self does not exist. Nor does anything else because the reality is that which is one and it takes more than one to exist – or to be conscious of anything. In other words, all that someone experiences or are conscious of is an illusion – also if it is judged to be divine or spiritual – and so is the one believing to experience or be conscious about something.

Believing to be someone at all can be compared to a machine believing to exist as someone definitive. There is no ´I´, self or soul in a machine. It is all mechanics, and even though the machine may have been built with AI (artificial intelligence), it cannot think itself. All thoughts are preprogrammed possibilities. Nobody is thinking them and nobody is seeing, what the machine seems to see.

If what your personality has been programmed with a visual mind, you may have an Aha! moment seeing the below illustrations, that demonstrate how a machine with AI ´sees´ the world. It simply registers data or frequencies, that are perceived according to how it is programmed/conditioned.

The machine has been programmed to perceive this point of frequencies as if it is cute, and so it searches its database for an image that illustrates this.

The machine translate this point of frequencies as eyes and conclude it is seeing the image, that it fabricated based on the info from its database.

Based on past decisions the machine chooses to see this as a dog.

It is also seeing a female, but it still needs to search its database to know, if it is the female or the dog that is cute so that it can fabricate the appropriate feeling.

In the context of realisation and acceptance, all what can be realised and accepted is that what you believe to be does not exist. This realisation or acceptance does not mean, you understand the illusion of being someone definitive. If it could be understood, it would not be an illusion. So it means you understand nothing. There is no knowledge of what and where you are. Hence there is no ´I´. There is nothing, and so there is room for everything.


  • The above images are screen dumps from an article in Wired. The captions are not from that article, but my way of using the screen dumps.
  • This article is part of hack 2.3 Life is flat.
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