It is you, who makes it move

If there seem to be movements in 3D in this pic, the movement is happening in you and not in the pic. It is non-dimensional and everything is still.

If this image seems to have movements in 3D, it is you who makes it so, because the image is non-dimensional and everything is still. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

If a computer with AI is programmed to think, it is a bird flying around on a star, then the computer can experience this by producing moving images, that suggest it is flying on a star.

Humans can be compared to a machine, that has been programmed to think, that it is someone definitive in a world, that seems to move in 3D, although everything is happening inside the machine in accordance to a non 3D code.

NOTE: This article is part of hack 2.4 Life is flat.