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Updated November 9, 2021

Even though this image is flat and basically is made up of repeating lines, you may choose to experience the illusion of a person in the distance, as this appeal to your desire for excitement.

This image is flat, and there is nothing behind or beyond it. It is basically nothing but repeating lines. Yet you may choose to experience something is hidden in the distance, as this appeal to your longing for excitement. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

How come so many people like to watch a movie? Is it to pass the time or to get away from everyday life and experience something more exciting.

How come some like to watch porn? Is it because they feel alone, or they can make fantasies real through watching it – or maybe just because it is more exciting.

How come most are looking forward to a holiday? Is it because they need to get away from everyday life to relax and regenerate or because they want to experience something new and more exciting.

On holiday you can attend special events, that are fabricated to improve the feeling of pleasure, so you have an experience out of the ordinary. Likewise, a movie – porn or not – is produced with the same purpose: to entertain you and give you an experience out of the ordinary. It does not matter if it appears to be unrealistic, as long as it is exciting.

The absence of excitement is peace
Within the context of a world where everything seems dimensional and flat things like movies are made to give an illusion of them being dimensional, oneness looks pretty ordinary. It is non-dimensional, has no space and time and therefore nothing to look forward to or get excited about. That is why it is nothing but peace.

There is ‘only’ one, so there is nothing to lose. There is nothing else than one, and therefore you do not need to be complemented by a soulmate or confirmed by something from outside of you – you are everything. There is nothing to disturb you from outside because there is no outside – neither inside. So there is ‘only’ one, which is extremely satisfying if peace is what you want – but not if you have a longing for excitement.

In reality, one cannot have any need of being entertained. Being one is more than enough. But what if one could be two? Would that not be exciting? Look at the world. No doubt it is exciting being fragmented in separated pieces instead of being one. But also, no doubt being separated is the cause of loneliness, and that to be defined as a person living in a capsule of time and space is the cause of all suffering.

The universe is flat and only appears dimensional because you think so
Fortunately, it is impossible to separate one into two that seem to appear in a dimensional world. It is possible to think so, but thinking does not make anything real. In the same way – within the context of the world – that no matter how realistic a movie is made to appear, it is in no way real and will never be.

Therefore, if you are tired of all the problems it seems to involve appearing in the movie called the world, you can leave it and return home, where you are at peace.

All you have to do to not make the flat movie of the world appear real is to not project thoughts onto it. Without thoughts and feelings, it will not seem dimensional and that there are exciting adventures ahead. In other words, if you are fed up with choices, variety, expansion, and worrying about the development of the movie, no worries, it is not real. You are that which is One, and in oneness, there is no space for these things – or anything at all.

This pic is totally flat and the movements that appear to be there is a trick made by moving flat pictures on top of each other in a speed so there appear to be dimensional movements.This is the illusion of the world. In oneness everything is so fast that there is no movement to see. That is why it is one.

This animation is totally flat and the movements that appear to be there is a trick made by moving flat images on top of each other in a speed so there appear to be dimensional movements. This can be compared to the appearance of movements in the world. They are an illusion, because there is only that which is One – and oneness has not time or space. This does not mean though, that there are no movements in oneness. It just moves so fast that there is no movements to see. It is that which is one, and no more. That is why it why oneness is non-dimensional. The animation is grabbed from the web.

In the world everything is experienced as different appearances defined by the space they seem to fill plus the space in between them. But in that which is One there is no space, so in the eyes of the world oneness is empty. In reality though it is totally crowded and extremely speedy. Everything is so close together, that there is no room for space in between, and everything moves so fast that differences is impossible. Due to the unimaginable speed, it takes no time to go from one point to another, so there is no past and future. That is why it is one perpetual present.

The belief in time and space is covering reality, which is one perpetual present.

The belief in time and space covers reality, which is One perpetual present.

What has a beginning and an end and therefore is definable is not real. What is real never ends since it is formless. Whatever is dimensional and seems to have a future and a past is a hallucination because reality has no dimension, future or past. Reality is one perpetual present.

This is not to say that everything, in reality, will last. There is nothing dimensional in reality, so there is nothing there to last.

What is not real is an illusion. There is just reality. As it is formless, it has no dimensions and therefore takes up no space. Yet, it is everything because formlessness never ends.

But there is nothing inside it because, without dimensions, there is neither inside nor outside.

Hence there is nothing to get excited about in reality. Besides, to get exited requires more than one, and reality is the formlessness of oneness.

And yet, the reality is full of excitement. It is just not excited about what is to come. There is no future, and therefore nothing to hope for – or look forward to. There is no space, so there is no difference between being excited and what seems to cause it. It is one perpetual present.

In the above article, the word oneness can be replaced by that which is One /life/spiriteternal now / ultimate reality, non-duality, one perpetual present and formless. They are all words for that which is real and which cannot be found in something unreal. When speaking about the world, which is fictional, it is not only what seems physically tangible in the universe that is an illusion, but also less tangible concepts like auras, crystal energy, antimatter, dark matter, angels, gods and astral planes.

This article is part of hack 2.3 Life is flat.

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