The return to that which is one is done by more than one

This picture looks like my cats live in a merry-go-round world with me, but it is only half of picture. The other half is not so merry.

This photo looks like my cats live in a merry-go-round world together with me, but it is only half of picture. The other half is not so merry. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If I sit very gently with one of my cats it will after a while it go to the two others to lick them very softly. It seems that the mood I had establish with it are picked up by the others.

If you look at the way the appearances in a world where there seems to be more than one treat each other, it does not seem that the boss or the creator of it has set a lovingly example. On the contrary. The God as described in the bible seems very moody. One day it forgives and the next day it out looking for revenge. No wonder, that what such a god seems to manifest is frustration.

It is said  that God created man in its image, but it seems that it rather the other way around. Man needs a scapegoat, so man creates a god in its own image in order to blame somebody for the frustration of separation.

But let us return to my cats again. The story does not finish by them being kind to each other after I have been kind to them – although that is what those looking to create a merry-go-round world would like to believe. No, the story goes on like this: After having been very kind to each other for a while, they suddenly gets aggressive and start a fight.

This is the way of separation. You are split in a so-called light and dark personality, so if you want to come back to that which is one, you got to acknowledge both sides. Imaging to have two sides – or more – is how you managed to believe being separating from that which is one, so you return  do not return as one but as you appear to be, namely more than that which is one.

In other words, you do not deny part of your personality but include all of it and you do not wait for a god or something else to miraculously take you back, because it is your own choice to believe you are separated from that which is one, so you are the one choosing to have it undone, which is simply a choice of not being exclusive but inclusive, which happens automatically when you perceive everything that appears to be separated from you as that which is one.

Kind regards

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