(+) Only those excited about appearing as someone inside a body can have an orgasm

A relaxed body has no need of the climax of an orgasm – but a tense body has and if you believe this body to be yours, so do you. If you do not believe the body to be you, you do not need to identify with its needs and so you are free to to follow that which brings peace.

A relaxed body has no need for the physical climax of an orgasm – but a tense body has, and if you believe to be in it, it must be tense in order to confirm this belief. But if you do not believe to be in it – or anywhere else for that matter – there are nobody with a need to make it real. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

A physical orgasm is not gonna happen in a relaxed body but a tight one. This tightness is often caused by the control carried out to get what you want in the way you envision it should be, which seems very important when not looking for peace but excitement.

In other words, an orgasm is only possible because you believe to be someone in a body and want to have this belief confirmed to be real through the excitement of an orgasm.

When you are in a state of indifference to the apparent differences in a world where there seems to be more than one, which you cannot enter yourself through meditation and other techniques of self-control but by going with the flow of one or more of the duality hacks,* as they undo the belief in being or having a self, experiencing the sensation of an orgasm is no more sensational than any other experience.

Thus the body is not in need of producing a specific physical climax. In other words, there is no ejaculation.

This is also what you want to confirm, if you try to avoid having an orgasm via tantra or other so-called spiritual techniques, as there would be no reason to avoid it, if not believing to be someone in a body.

Hence not wanting to be someone in a body – whether that appears to be physical and whatnot – will dissolve the need for a bodily climax, because only those believing to be in a body need it to produce a specific reaction in order to be confirmed in being there.

*) You can for example apply the below hacks to become nobody. Be aware though that seeing everything as symbols of life, you stop being somebody. Thus there is nobody to find peace, for example, through meditation or a good sleep nor to find outlet for anger in love or sex. Fortunately it is not needed, because to be nobody is peace. This does not mean, that feelings of anger, desire and whatnot do not pop up, but since there is not somebody in charge, the feelings belong to nobody. Thus nobody is shaped by them.

NOTE: This article is a comment to the previous ones Peace is all there is and Nothing is needed in the world to return to that which is, because the world is not. They are all part of hack #2.5 Peace of non-duality versus the excitement of duality. They are not meant to promote that orgasm, sex or anything else is wrong. It is only if you believe a world where there seems to be more than one is real, that you must uphold this belief by appointing something to be wrong.


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