Peace is nothing but that which is one

It is very seldom, that the clouds are that low like in this pic shot an early morning from my terrace, but whether I experience th beauty of it directly or not, the experience will not last.

It is very seldom, that the clouds are that low like in this photo shot an early morning from the terrace of Alexius, but whether the experience of is so-called direct or not, it will not last. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Peace in a world where there seems to be more than one always comes from something, maybe from the experience of being with your spouse away from everything, being a special beautiful place in nature untouched by humans or being meditative in surroundings without noise. But no experience last, neither do any of the appearances that seem to cause the experience of peace. Silence will sooner or later be replaced by noise, and it is not possible to always be in a place experienced to be beautiful or meditative.

Peace as an experience will never last. Therefore the experience of it – just like any other experience – entails fear of loosing it.

As an experience of peace is based on excluded something, for example noise, disturbing persons or thoughts, it is is based on what is absent, and so you can never have it without its opposite.

In reality there is only that which is one, so there is nothing to experience, neither is there someone who can be a disturbed, as that requires more than one. In other words, in reality peace is not an experience but that which is one

NOTE: This article is part of hack #2.5 Peace of non-duality versus the excitement of duality.