Anything that appears to have a form is unreal

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To feel stuck is a feeling many persons like to hang onto. It sounds like a contradiction, because it does not feel good. But since feeling stuck makes you feel alive as someone definitive in a world encapsulated by time and space, it is very cherished.

Furthermore it implies that there is something greater. That you in reality is more than the body, and to be and/or have more is what a world defined by time and space is all about, contrary to the formlessness of oneness where there is no more to be and have, as that requires more than one. And even if it was possible, more formlessness would not make a difference.

There is nothing larger than the body, neither smaller, because there is no body. It is an imagination – just like you imagine to be someone in a dream, even though you are not in the dream but in your bed having a dream about a world that is not there.

Different religions and new age movements have each their own versions of something greater that will come, when you have surpassed the desires of the body. But what they offer is just more for the body to desire.

That which is you is not more than the body, neither less, because it has no form.

The body is a form, and that which is you is formless. Hence there is no room for that which is you in a world defined by time and space. That is why you feel like stuck believing to be in a body encapsulated by time and space.

Contrary to that which is you everything in a world defined by time and space has a beginning and an end – also this article. The world like happy endings. Yet there is no happy ending in this article, because its conclusion is, that if you feel stuck, it is your way of perceiving the signals of the body as if reality is to live in a capsule of time and space – instead of perceiving them as signals telling you, that this is not real and that it is a mistake to think that which is you can be defined as something in a world of time and space.

The world consider everything having a form, that can be felt to be real, but it is the other way around: Everything that can be felt or experienced is unreal.

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