INTRO TO HACK #3.1, Every moment is the perfect moment

If you experience a flow of beauty, love, sex or colors in this pic totally depends on the perception you have fabricated of yourself as a person. But no matter what you perceive, if you include it all, the moment of watching this pic is perfect – nothing is wrong or missing. Consequently you need no more and therefore are ready for that which is one.

Whether you experience love, sex or the beauty of a sunset in this image totally depends on how you have conditioned yourself as a person. But no matter what you experience, if it is included as it is, the moment of experiencing this image is perfect – nothing is wrong or missing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Exclusiveness is imperfection and inclusiveness is perfection. This does not mean that everything included is perfect. None of the parts are perfect – nothing in a world where there seems to be more than one is, but when all parts are included it is a perfect moment.

This is not to say, you must to include every small detail of a world where there seems to be more than one, but that you include everything as you perceive it. So-called negative thoughts are included as well as the so-called positive ones. Both past and future is included*. But if you out of habit exclude something, you do not have to correct that habit. You just included your habit of excluding.

To make long short: If you do not try to control and escape the moment as it is by excluding what you judge to be wrong, you have no needs and so your life is effortless.

That you have no needs does not mean, that you may not want something, but that you are not attached to getting it but the flow of the moment, as it is without any correction.

That being said, there is no flow, because there is no world. It only appears so, because you have chosen to perceive it like that. Consequently the flow is in your perception.

That is why your perception is the moment. In other words, you are the master. It is you, who decide every moment is the perfect moment.

*) If you have conditioned yourself within the concepts of living in the now, you may think a perfect moment is a point squeezed in between the past and the future. This idea of living in the now, however, is based on exclusion, where as a perfect moment is inclusive and therefore includes both the past and the future. A perfect moment may last a split second, or as long as a kiss lasts, or a daydream lasts. There are no rules but to be inclusive. Should you forget that, you just include your forgetfulness.

NOTE: This article is the first one of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.


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