This article is as meaningless as what we appear to be in a world where there seems to be more than one

An image of a shoreline meaninglessly processed on my iPad.

An image of the shoreline meaninglessly processed on my iPad. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Is it due to your power, that you do not fall off the earth? No, it is the force of gravity. Is it you, who controls breathing? No, a respiratory control centre at the base of your brain controls breathing. Is it you, who think? No, just like you are not the maker of gravity and the breath, neither are you the maker of thoughts.

Having a thought can be compared to seeing a cloud passing by, that for a moment may appear to be the image of a dog for example. But there is no dog. It is a hallucination – and so is the meaning of any thought that seems to pass by. They are just meaningless frequencies, that you try to inflict a meaning upon so that they seem to be specific thoughts of yours, and you, therefore, appear to be someone definitive.

The clothes you are wearing are not you, neither are the thoughts you seem to think. But it is difficult to use them, if you mistake them for you.

Yet trying to stop them from passing by is the end of what you appear to be because it is nothing but a construction of thoughts. But why should you want to stop them at all. They are of great a world where there seems to be more than one. When you, for example, want to look up the bus schedule, you can pick thoughts passing by that are good for that purpose. See also the article A joyful life.

The faster thoughts spin, the faster the person, you consider yourself to be, seems to fall apart, because there is not enough time to understand them or to select specifically the ones, that seem to uphold an image of you as someone definitive.

In those cases – unless you are in a situation that needs physical presence – let your mind be blown. So blown, that it does not know what is up or down, in or out or past or future leaving, so that there is nobody to think you are this and that. This is a perfect moment. It could also be an ignition of the empty breath, which you can read about in hack #4.4 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.

Meaninglessness is the foundation for a perfect moment
To stop or to control thoughts is not the way to a perfect moment but to numbness. The inclusion of confusion and uncertainty but most of all extreme speed of thoughts leads to a perfect moment, as when everything is fast-moving the mind does not have the time to divide everything into categories.

Well, anything, that is devoid of what you have defined as meaningful, leads to a perfect moment. Therefore if you do not try to define yourself as someone meaningful, you will be meaningless and so every moment is a perfect moment!


  • It is not only this article that is meaningless. It applies to everything in Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings and the rest of the world, including astral ones and whatnot. And if you are not busy trying to understand, realise, find reasons and synchronicity, you know how wonderful it is to be meaningless.
  • This article is part of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.


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