Spirituality cannot be achieved, because it is that which is one, and it takes more than one to achieve something

Get physical!

The world is made up of appearances separated by time and space. You cannot escape appearing as someone definitive there by transforming this through for example mediation, prayer and chanting, because that enhances the belief in being someone definitive, as only someone definitive can do so something. But if you stop doing something, which is done by not being exclusive, since without exclusion there is no separation and so nobody is doing anything. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The advanced spiritual seeker is trying to avoid peak experiences – via for instance meditation and tantra sex – based on the idea that in oneness everything is pure tranquility. But that which is one can be compared to an unlimited stream of peak experiences, that change in such a speed, that there is no time for a person to differentiate them from each another, neither for a person to establish itself there, so nobody is experiencing them. That is why it is so peaceful.

The peaks travel from one point to another in no time, so no space is accumulated. That is why it is oneness. It has nothing to do though with the numbness you obtain via meditation, tantra, chanting, praying or other means of control, that is used to exclude what you judge to be mundane, so that you seem to be a spiritual person in a state of bliss and detachment.

Being in such a state of mind, however, is often based on a wish to distance oneself from feeling the moment as it is and instead and float all over it rather than being wide awake and nothing bit this moment.

What can a spiritual seeker do?
The whole foundation of this question is misleading, because there is no spirituality in a world defined by time and space – including astral worlds and anything else conceivable – because spirituality is formless and therefore endless. So as long as you appear to be in a world defined by time and space you better forget about spirituality and adjust to the ways of such a world.

Fortunately these ways can also be used to undo the belief in being someone definitive. Since that depends on separation, which seems to come into being through exclusion, you can be inclusive instead of exclusive, as if fully being inclusive this leaves nothing to define a world outside of you, neither to define you. In other words, there is nobody to experience something, which means nothing appears to hide that which cannot be experienced, namely spirituality.

If not including everything that you perceive but part of it, you still appear to be someone definitive in a world defined by time and space, but you and the world seems for a moment less definable, because the apparent differences do not appear to make a difference. This, which is a state of not knowing, is what is called a perfect moment in Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.


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