Inclusion excludes separation and thus unveils that which is one

Lorenzo enjoying the moment as it is.

I do not exclude Lorenzo, who is the chef in his Restaurante Lorenzo, although lots of noise is coming from the kitchen, while, so both the joy of his food and the dislike of the noise, that appears to be around him is included. In other words everything is included in the exact way it is perceived to appear, whether it is considered to be good or bad. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When I am having lunch at Lorenzos, I often write an article, while waiting for the food. Today the food came very fast, so in this moment I am enjoying fresh pasta with langoustines in a tomato sauce. But rather than enjoying my lunch, it is what I am in this moment: The sensational taste of langoustines experienced in the restaurant of Lorenzo, who is working in the kitchen to the music of Bob Marley while preparing food for the those sitting far from the corner, where I consume one more bite of his homemade pasta.

On top of that there are thoughts about ordering his delicious chocolate cake for dessert and if this article should be published and if so when. All this and my dislike of the cloudy sky at my back are what I am in this moment, that is perfect because I leave out nothing, but include everything as I perceive it to be.

This is of course not what I am ultimately speaking. That which I am, namely that which is one, must be excluded in order to appear as I am a person identified by time and space, but as I also include this exclusion, I am also what I exclude in this moment, namely that which is one, and since it is formless and therefore everything, so am I. Yet there is nobody knowing this, as it takes more than one to know anything.

Kind regards

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.