To see nothing is to not hide that which is you

If you see this pic, you have excluded that which is you by believing, you can be separated from the oneness of that which is you.

If you see this image, you have excluded the formlessness of that which is you by imagining, that by being separated from it you can be and have more than formlessness. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Just like Santa Claus it is nothing but make-believe, so is the world. Hence not believing to see something there is not nothing to hide the formlessness of that which is you.


It is not acceptable to accept yourself as someone in a world defined by time and space, as that which is you is not definable. It is formless, which becomes obvious when everything you seem to think or feel is included, as then there is nothing to define you.


You can only perceive yourself as separated, because you know what it is to not be separated. Consequently to believe you are a separated being is a confirmation of that which is not separated, namely the formlessness of oneness.


Be thankful every time something or somebody seems to upset you – or make you happy – because in this moment you can include the conditioning of you, that comes from the belief that you are separated from what you seem to experience.


The helicopter, that is flying on top of the rainforest in the moment of this pic, is built in the past and the people in it may be thinking of the future. Yet it is all part of the same moment. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.


The thrill of a perfect moment comes from going up and down with the opposites of contrasts, that you encounter in any moment of linear time in the world outside of you – like in a roller coaster ride – while their apparent difference does not make a difference inside of you.

Such a moment may last a split second or as long as it takes to read this article. It includes thoughts you may have of the past or the future, as well as talking in the phone while thinking about something else, or having a daydream when zipping to a drink. In other words, a perfect moment is not exclusive but inclusive.


A perfect moment is not to be compared to the so-called spiritual idea of living in the now. In the world there is no such thing as living in the now. It is an idea based on exclusion rather than inclusion. Those following ideas like that seem to have made a list of what is right and wrong, and when all the wrongs – the parts of the world that they prefer not to experience – has been excluded, they imagine, that they are spiritual and living in the now. 

When the wrongs, they have excluded, pop up again and disturb their constructed peace of mind, they have to meditate or in other ways change the wrongs into something that is ´better´, so the wrongs will not destroy their fabricated state of living in the now.


Exclusion is against the nature of non-duality, but necessary in a world of duality. No one can experience love, for example, without excluding its contrast hate, so that hate becomes the background defining love – just like you must exclude the white background of the letters here in order to perceive them. Yet it is the excluded that defines them.


To have just one love there must be much exclusion, which enhances the separation, you are trying to escape by having just one love.

Many think, that it is possible to make one mood last by excluding what they judge to disturb that mood. Exclusion though does not bring oneness. On the contrary, it enhances the sense of separation.

NOTE: This article is the last one of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.


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