+ A perfect moment lasts longer than now

The helicopter, that is flying on top of the rainforest in the moment when this pic was shot by Alexius laying wounded on the floor, is made in the past and the people in it may be thinking of the future. Yet everything is all part of the same moment. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The bliss of a perfect moment comes from going back and forth, up and down, left to right and vice versa with the opposites of contrasts of the world experienced to be outside of you – especially those of good and bad and happy and sad – while their apparent difference does not make a difference inside of you. In other words, the world of the inner and outer senses are in sync.*

Such a moment may last a split second or up to 45 minutes in linear time**, provided the thoughts you may have of the past or the future are included, as well as your interpretation of the telephone conversation you may actually be having or the kiss you are dreaming of while speaking or the anger that suddenly is triggered. In other words, what makes a moment perfect is not exclusiveness but inclusiveness.


The time of daydreaming, kissing or being angry may not have been a perfect moment while it lasted. Probably not, because a daydream is a story that you make up and so is how you experienced a kiss. And a story is just like the world, that seems to be outside of you, something that you interpret to differ from you. In other words, the stories going on in your head about something happening in a world you experience from there but interpret to be outside of you something you exclude from what you believe to be.

But as soon as you include the story of a kiss, anger or a daydream of a holiday, for example, the kiss as well as the anger and the daydream become a perfect moment. It is never too late to include a story of yours, so that instead of separating you from the moment as it is, it makes it perfect.

It is a lot of work to constantly having to judge what should be excluded, whereas inclusiveness requires no work at all, because it simple is the absence of excluding something.


A perfect moment is not to be compared to the so-called spiritual idea of living in the now. In the world there is no such thing as living in the now. It is an idea based on exclusion rather than inclusion. Those following ideas like that seem to have made a list of what is right and wrong, and when all the wrongs – the parts of the world that they prefer not to experience – has been excluded, they imagine, that they are spiritual and living in the now. 

When the wrongs, they have excluded, pop up again and disturb their constructed peace of mind, they have to meditate or in other ways change the wrongs into something that is ´better´, so the wrongs will not destroy their fabricated state of living in the now.

*) The easiest way to sync the world of the inner and outer senses is to not do anything about it but having the empty breath guide you, as this synchronisation is a natural attribute of it. See hack #4, Being in a state of not-knowing.

**) As the appearance in a world defined by time and space requires constant confirmation of separation, a perfect moment where the apparent differences in such a world do not appear to make a difference, cannot last too long. If more than half an hour the biological system of being someone in a specific body breaks down. See the article A perfect moment does not require learning – only inclusion.

NOTE: This article is the last one of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.