A perfect moment lasts longer than now


You block out selective fragments of the present to hide the shit inside you. Therefore, you will be on the run from a perfect moment until you do not uphold a special image of yourselfPhoto © Alexius Jorgensen.

Exclusiveness is imperfection, and inclusiveness is perfection. This does not mean that everything included is perfect. None of the parts is perfect, but when all thoughts and feelings about reading this, for example, are included, the moment is perfect.

That is not to say you must include every little thought and feeling, but that you incorporate your perception of the moment, regardless it is negative or positive or based on the past or future. Should you, out of habit, exclude something, you do not have to correct this pattern of yours. You simply include your mistake.

To make long short, if you do not try to escape the moment as it is by excluding what you see as unpleasant, the moment feels perfect.


A perfect moment is not to be compared to the common idea of living in the now. It is an idea based on exclusion rather than inclusion. Those following this idea have made a list of right and wrong, and when all the evils have been excluded, they imagine living in the now. 

When the wrongs they have excluded pop up again and disturb their fantasy, they blame society else for preventing them from living in the now.


Taking a step now, you put one foot forward into the future, while the other foot remains in the past. In other words, there is no living in the now without the past and the future. That is why those excluding the past and the future to live by a theoretical concept of now gets frustrated. And those including everything as it is feels the tranquillity of a perfect moment.

A perfect moment can last the time it takes to cry »Fuck you,« or an hour of daydreaming about tomorrow or the whole night with your lover. It is all about not being exclusive because then everything is included. Thus nothing is missing, wherefore the moment feels perfect.

Meditation is not making the moment perfect because it is based on excluding something. Hence it makes separation real and thus prolongs the agony of being someone definitive.


An image of a shoreline meaninglessly processed on my iPad.

An image of the shoreline was meaninglessly processed on Alexius´ iPad. If you are not busy trying to understand, realise, find reasons and synchronicity, you know how wonderful it is to be meaningless. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Jesus, who the do-gooders often refer to around Christmas regarding peace, said: »I will not bring peace, but dissension, fire, sword and war«. Hence those, who fight the shit in themselves by projecting it onto others, may see the war in themselves. Read more about that in hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality. The quote is from the Gospel of Thomas.


Ultimately no one is full of shit or anything else because there is no more than that which is one, and it takes more than one to be full of something.


Is it due to your power that you do not fall off the earth? No, it is the force of gravity. Is it you who controls breathing? No, a respiratory control centre at the base of your brain handles it. Is it you, who think? No, just like you are not the maker of gravity and the breath, nor of thoughts.

Thoughts can be compared to seeing a cloud passing by that looks like a dog for a moment. But there is no dog in the sky. It is a hallucination – and so is the meaning you assign to thoughts to make it seems they are your invention, and you, therefore, are someone definitive.

But the more meaning you assign to thoughts, the faster they run to escape being captured by you. In other words, the more you try to establish yourself as someone definitive, the harder it is to assign thoughts with a meaning that uphold the image of you as someone definitive. Unless you are in a situation that needs physical presence, go with this confusion until you fall down into a perfect moment.

It is the inclusion of confusion and uncertainty but, most of all, the extreme speed of thoughts that leads to a perfect moment. When everything is fast-moving, you do not have the time to arrange everything into good and evil. Well, anything that is devoid of what you define as meaningful leads to a perfect moment.


Not being exclusive but inclusive does not mean you must accept all appearances of the world, but include the disgust that some of them seem to trigger as much as you include the feeling of joy that others seem to bring.


To include something is, of course, just as illusionary as anything else that requires more than one. Yet, the illusion of inclusion is a way to use the belief that there is more than that which is one to undo it.


The helicopter flying on top of the rainforest when this pic was shot by Alexius lying wounded on the floor is made in the past with people probably thinking of the future. Yet, everything is all part of the same moment. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Reading hack #4.1 Every moment is the perfect moment, you may conclude that being and having more should be avoided. If so, you have not gotten what it is all about, namely inclusion. In other words, no need to avoid being and having more. It is the natural way of a world where there appears to be more than one because it is founded on the wish for more. However, if not exclusive and therefore inclusive, the more you become and have makes no difference.


The advanced spiritual seeker tries to avoid peak experiences – via meditation and tantra sex, for example – based on the idea that oneness is tranquillity. However, that which is one can be compared to an unlimited stream of peak experiences, changing at such a speed that there is no time to differentiate them from each other, neither for someone to establish itself in regards to it. Hence nobody experiences the peace of one perpetual present.

In other words, as long as you believe to be somebody, this belief seems to fend off that which is one. Therefore, appearing to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, you better forget about oneness and adjust to the ways of separation.

Fortunately, you can also use these ways to undo the belief in separation. Since it seems to have been established via exclusion, inclusion will undo it. Without separation, the apparent differences in the world do not appear to make a difference. Thus every moment is the perfect moment.


You can only perceive yourself as separated because you know what it is not to be separated. Hence believing to be separated is a confirmation of oneness.


You cannot undo the belief in being someone definitive if you do not stand by it. This does not have to be painful, but to the degree that you still believe there is more than that which is one, it seems very painful that there is no more than that which is one.


Get physical!

The world is made up of appearances separated by time and space. So you cannot escape appearing as someone definitive by transforming your appearance through meditation, prayer, and chanting. That enhances the belief in being someone definitive, as only such a person can do so something. But if you stop doing something, which is done by not being exclusive, since, without exclusion, there is no separation, so nobody is doing anything. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The more you concentrate, the more you can control yourself and focus your energy on something specific. This can be very helpful for the bad guys when drilling a hole in a bank safe, and for the good ones, it can be beneficial to catch the robbers.

In movies, bank robbers, killers and worried people look very concentrated, while the happy ones seems unconcentrated.

But concentration is not helpful regarding being in the moment as it is. On the contrary, the more you concentrate, the less you can go with the flow and participate in spontaneous laughter. You are focused on attaining a specific goal in the future, so you only see the part of the present that fits into that.

To make long short, contrary to what you may have learned, concentration is not beneficial regarding being present. On the other hand, defocus is excellent because that makes you go with the flow.


You do not need more, nor less in a perfect moment, so you do not need to be in control to make it better. Yet, the idea of improving yourself and/or the world most likely pop up again. No worries. It will not stress you if included.


To fully include a feeling of the moment is in no way about going deeper, being more truthful or more about anything else. It is simply about including the feeling, as it is.

Inclusion can be compared to a black hole that sucks everything into it. In the end, there is not even someone to include something. Neither is there an end except for the belief of being someone.


First, all the thoughts you have excluded, and then all the excluded feelings will rush by in the first moments of death. Not for sentimental reasons or for you to understand or learn something but to be included, so death can be a perfect moment where nothing is missing.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.