CANCELLEX Those looking for peace are full of shit


The world can only be perceived due to contrasts. We tend to notice those parts of the world with the most significant distinction, but if you pretend to be someone in the world instead of believing to be ´there´, you do not perceive differences to make a difference. Not because you perceive them as one but as different symbols of that which is one*. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Exclusiveness is imperfection, and inclusiveness is perfection. This does not mean that everything included is perfect. None of the parts is perfect, but when all thoughts and feelings about reading this, for example, are included, it is a perfect moment.

This is not to say you must include every tiny detail of what you read, but that you include everything as you perceive it. So-called negative thoughts are included as well as the so-called positive ones. Both past and future are included.* But if you, out of habit, exclude something, you do not have to correct your routine. You just included your pattern of excluding.

To make long short, if you do not try to escape the moment as it is by excluding what you judge to be wrong, you have no needs. Consequently, the moment feels perfect. This does not mean you may not crave something, but you are not attached to getting it.

It is not (good) enough,
or there must be more are the two common mantras of the seeker – and it is also the foundation for a world where there seems to be more than one. No moment is not good enough as it is. Something has to be improved. Love, for example, has to be more unconditional, pure or whatnot.

Taking a step now, you put one foot forward into the future, while the other foot remains in the past. In other words, there is no living in the now without the past and the future. That is why those trying to live in the now by excluding the past and the future never get it. And those including everything as it has the tranquillity of a perfect moment.

A perfect moment can last a split second while say »Fuck you« – or it can last an hour while you have a daydream about tomorrow or the whole night together with your lover. Including is what it is all about – or rather not to exclude because that means everything is included.

So if you do not exclude anything at this moment, no matter if it contains thoughts about the past and the future or if they are positive or negative, then there is nothing to imply anything is missing. Thus the moment feels perfect.

Meditation or other techniques supposed to make you spiritual cannot do that because they exclude something. Hence they are making separation real and, therefore, you as someone special in a world of duality. In other words, the so-called spiritual techniques prolong the agony of being someone definitive instead of undoing the belief in being that.

Jesus, who the do-gooders often refer to around Christmas regarding peace, said: »I will not bring peace, but dissension, fire, sword and war«. Hence those, who fight the shit in themselves by projecting it onto others, may see the war in themselves. Read more about that in hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.

The reason you choose to block out the present moment by excluding part of it is that being fully present the shit inside you is exposed. So until you do not try to look pure, you will be on the run from a perfect moment.

Get physical!

The world is made up of appearances separated by time and space. So you cannot escape appearing as someone definitive by transforming your appearance through meditation, prayer, and chanting. That enhances the belief in being someone definitive, as only such a person can do so something. But if you stop doing something, which is done by not being exclusive, since without exclusion, there is no separation, and so nobody is doing anything. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The advanced spiritual seeker is trying to avoid peak experiences – via meditation and tantra sex, for example – based on the idea that oneness is tranquillity. But that which is one can be compared to an unlimited stream of peak experiences, that change at such a speed, that there is no time for a person to differentiate them from each another, neither for a person to establish itself there, wherefore nobody is experiencing the peace of everything at one.

This has nothing to do with the state of mind one obtains via meditation, tantra, chanting, praying or other means of excluding unpleasant experiences. It is based on a wish to distance oneself from feeling the moment as it is and float all over it instead of being wide awake.

So what should a spiritual seeker do? The whole foundation of this question is misleading because there is no spirituality in a world defined by time and space because spirituality is formless. So as long as you appear to be in a world defined by time and space, you better forget about spirituality and adjust to the ways of such a world.

Fortunately, these ways can also be used to undo the belief in being there. Since this belief depends on separation, which seems to come into being through exclusion, you can be inclusive instead of exclusive. Being fully inclusive leaves nothing to define a world outside of you, neither to define you. In other words, there is nobody to experience something, which means nothing appears to hide that which cannot be experienced, namely spirituality.

If not including everything you experience but only part of it, you still appear to be someone definitive in a world defined by time and space. But you and the world seem for a moment less definable because the apparent differences do not appear to make a difference. This is called a perfect moment in Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings.

An image of a shoreline meaninglessly processed on my iPad.

An image of the shoreline was meaninglessly processed on Alexius´ iPad. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Is it due to your power that you do not fall off the earth? No, it is the force of gravity. Is it you who controls breathing? No, a respiratory control centre at the base of your brain controls breathing. Is it you, who think? No, just like you are not the maker of gravity and the breath, nor are you the maker of thoughts.

Thoughts can be compared to seeing a cloud passing by that for a moment looks like a dog. But there is no dog in the sky. It is a hallucination – and so is the meaning of any thought that seems to pass by. They are meaningless frequencies that you try to assign with a purpose so that they seem to be your invention, and you, therefore, are someone definitive.

The clothes you are wearing are not you, neither are the thoughts you seem to think. But it is difficult to use them, if you mistake them for you.

Yet trying to stop them from passing by is the end of what you appear to be because it is nothing but a construction of thoughts. But why should you want to stop them at all. On the contrary, they are of great help in a world where there seems to be more than one. When you, for example, want to look up the bus schedule, you can pick thoughts passing by that are good for that purpose. See also the article A joyful life.

The faster thoughts spin, the quicker the person you consider yourself to be, seems to fall apart because there is not enough time to understand them or select precisely those that seem to uphold an image of you as someone definitive.

In those cases – unless you are in a situation that needs physical presence – go with the flow and have your mind blown. So blown that it does not know what is up or down, in or out and past or future leaving. This is such a relief that every moment is the perfect moment. This can be an ignition of the empty breath, which you can read about in hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.

To stop or to control thoughts is not the way to a perfect moment but to numbness. The inclusion of confusion and uncertainty but most of all, the extreme speed of thoughts leads to a perfect moment. When everything is fast-moving, the mind does not have the time to divide everything into categories.

Well, anything that is devoid of what you have defined as meaningful leads to a perfect moment. Therefore, if you do not try to express yourself as someone significant, you will be meaningless, so every moment is perfect!

*) More about this in hack #2.1 Everything experienced is a symbol of life.

**) More about pretending in hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation.


  • It is not only this article that is meaningless. It applies to everything in Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings and the rest of the world, including astral ones and whatnot. And if you are not busy trying to understand, realise, find reasons and synchronicity, you know how wonderful it is to be meaningless.
  • Ultimately no one is full of shit or anything else. There is nothing to be full of, as there is no more than that which is one. For the same reason, there are no contrasts in oneness and, therefore, nothing to desire or fix.
  • The Jesus quote is from the Gospel of Thomas.
  • This article is part of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.