If nothing is excluded, nothing is wrong

A person has many contrasting attributes, that may seem to be in conflict. No worries. This is not a problem when feelings judged to be ugly are not excluded but included, because inclusion place them on an equal foot, so that the apparent differences make no difference. Just like the different colors in this image make no difference to the beauty of the scenery. You may even say the differences enhance the beauty.

The apparent difference between the colours in this image makes no difference when all included. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

After reading hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is a perfect moment, you may conclude that being and having more should be avoided. If so, you have not gotten what it is all about, namely inclusion. In other words, no need to avoid anything. Wanting to be and have more is unavoidable in a world where there appears to be more than one. Yet you do not need to believe that being and having more make a difference.

Inclusion can be compared to a black hole that sucks everything into it. In the end there is not even someone to include something, neither is there an end except for the belief of being someone specific.

By not excluding anything but including everything that you experience, exactly as it appears to be, the apparent difference between the experiences make no differences, and so there is no need to avoid or cherish anyone in particular.

To include something is of course just as illusionary than anything else, that requires more than one. Yet the illusion of inclusion is a way to use the belief that there is more than that which is one to undo it.

This is not meant to say, that you have to stop anything in order to undo the belief in separation. But if it is part of your personality to do so, you just include that trait. In other words, nothing is wrong as long as not excluded but included. Even the tendency to exclude is not wrong when included.


  • To not be exclusive but inclusive does not mean, you must accept all appearances of the world, but that you include the disgust that some appearances seem to trigger as much as you include the feeling of joy that others seem to bring.
  • This article is part of hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is a perfect moment.