PMT Harmony hides that which is one


As harmony and balance require more than one, the search for it seems to hide there is no more than that which is one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

PART 1: To be balanced and in harmony seems to be the goal for many seekers in a world where there seems to be more than one. But as nothing in such a world can be experienced as something specific without a specific contrast, you cannot experience to be harmonious without its contrast.

So when you want more harmony – which you eventually will crave, as being and/or having more is the reason for believing to be in a world where there seems to be more than one – you must also experience more of its contrast.

In other words, to experience more harmony in yourself and/or the world, you must also experience more violent feelings. Hence you seem to be torn apart by a fight between good and evil again. That is until you do not favour one contrast over the other but include them precisely as they occur to be.

When furious feelings are expressed they often comes out in sentences like »You are this and that …«. If it is changed into »I am this and that …«, it is much easier to include those feelings, so the belief that you are someone definitive can be undone.

This is not meant to say, that you must stop blaming others. On the contrary. Blaming others is the easiest way of exposing, what you have excluded, so that it can be included instead. See for example the article The YOU finger and the three ME fingers.

When included they the two sides of the contrast are not separated,  and as that momentarily rubs off on other contrast, there is no separation to uphold the belief in being someone definitive. Hence this belief does not hide, there is no more than that which is one.

You are very vulnerable when perceived as definable, but not being someone definitive you are untouchable. The way to not be perceived as definable is to not exclude anything and thus include everything, as that leaves nothing to define you. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The experience of something cannot survive inclusion
Harmony and balance are not the only attributes the special self* insist that comes from being in control. It also claims that it results in more love, wealth, freedom, power and consciousness, for example. It strongly believes that being in control is preferable to be at service as the latter makes it impossible to make a difference and thus to perceive itself as special.

Much energy is required to uphold the perception of being special and thus getting more. That is why more energy and/or power is the best-selling point for capitalistic companies and most so-called spiritual movements, as their apparent existence is based on enhancing the belief that we are unique beings that should not settle for something basic but something special.

It may seem, as if there is a force outside of us, that cannot be controlled. But that is only because we want to believe it is not part of ourselves and we, therefore, can perceive ourselves as a victim of the world. The special self* thrives from this separation of the perceived and the one perceiving it, so if included, it has nothing to live from.

Not perceiving to be special, it is basic, which is such a relief because it requires much work to uphold a perception of being special.

You cannot experience the relief that comes from not perceiving differences to make a difference, if you suppress the feelings upsetting you, as doing so they are established as different. In other words, you cannot recognise, that differences make no difference, if you do not start off by experiencing hate as well as love, bad as well as good and so on.

The special self,* however, does not want to realise this because it will rather make a difference than being in a perfect moment. Read more about the fullness of that in hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is completeness.

When you your perception of higher is included equally with your perception of low, the moment is perfect. This does not mean that you must value high and low in the same way, but simply that both values are included.

When your perception of high is included equally with your perception of low there is no separation between the opposing sides of this contrast. Hence they cannot be experienced anymore as something specific This does not mean, that you must attribute the same value to high as well as to low, but simply that your perception of both of them is included exactly as they appear to be. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Without the belief in contrasts, it is not possible to have an experience as if there is more than that which is one. In other words, a world, where there seems to be more than one is fabricated through contrasts – and so what has no contrast, namely that which is one, appears to be hidden by it.

When a contrast is included, its opposing sides cancel out each other. Hence you cannot help but smile, because there is nothing but empty space.

In such a world any thought or feeling needs to be contrasted in order to be experienced as if it is something specific and not just empty space. Hence there is no love to experience if you totally deny its contrast hate – neither can you experience beauty if you completely exclude what you judge as ugly.

If you are experiencing more and more love, but are denying its contrast hate, part of love will turn into hate, so that it can contrast how much love you specifically are getting. But If you also deny this hate, more love will turn into hate and in the end, there will be no more love to experience. That is until you do not deny hate. The same applies to any contrast of the world and it applies to both sides of them.

The body is full of suppressed thoughts and feelings, as that is where you try to hide what you judge to be the bad part of a contrast. Maybe this is experienced as headache, bloated stomach and whatnot, but since this is symptoms of exclusion, they are not healed before you include the excluded. See hack #4.3 The unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection.

As the oneness of life is inclusive and you being exclusive in order to be defined as someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one, what you believe to be is lifeless.

When the apparent difference between frame and content or between inanimate and animate objects in this image is perceived to not make a difference, the contrasts cannot hide the empty space they are constructed from. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Actually, it is nothing but empty space. And that is what is seen – or rather not seen, as it is only in a world where there seems to be more than one there appears to be something to see – when you do not perceive the apparent difference of the opposing sides in all the contrasts, that make up a world where there seems to be more than one, to make a difference.

Without differences, there is not something to take up a space of its own and there is no space in between anything. Hence there is nothing but the empty space in which the contrasts were imagined to be, and so there is not something to hide the formlessness of oneness.

To fully include a feeling of the moment is in no way about going deeper, being more truthful or more about anything else. It is just about including the feeling, as it is.

Inclusion – contrary to exclusion – makes a moment perfect.

Going deeper and being purer, for example, are ideas of the special self,* that is used to make sure it is wrapped up in the perception that difference makes a difference. Thus it cannot see nothing is wrong, and nothing is missing. Every moment is the perfect moment.

In a perfect moment you do not need more, nor less, so you do not need to be in control to make it better. Yet the idea of improving yourself and/or the world will most likely pop up again. No worries. It will not stress you if it is included.

To avoid being nothing, something must be excluded. But whether you appear to be nothing or something, you are non-existent, as there is no more than which is one is one and as it takes more than one to exist. So not excluding something, you are not nothing but everything, because that which is one is formless and therefore endless.

If you are afraid a perfect moment is not strong enough to dismiss the perception of being special, all you need to do about it is to not do anything but include the fear of that as well. Fear only appears to be there, when something is excluded, so by including everything as it is you are untouchable.**

*) Read about the special self in hack #4.1 The basic self versus the special one.

**) Being untouchable in a perfect moment has nothing to do with the condition of the body or the world. The body may partly or entirely break down, but even though this is experienced as painful, it will not make you suffer, because you are untouchable.

NOTES: This article is part of hack #3.1 Every moment is the perfect moment.