To not feel alone is the beauty of aloneness


No need to be anything but everything, which in the world is to include any kind of appearances – no matter how foolish they may look. Inclusion makes it easy to appear as a person in a world defined by time and space. There is nothing you need to avoid. Every moment is the perfect moment. This does not mean, you do not avoid dangerous situations or silly persons. Rather it means, you do not avoid including your feelings or interpretations about it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you want nothing from the world, you get everything.

Everything means everything. It does not exclude anything, so for a person in the world this might be a painful transition, as you get as much sorrow as happiness. But when you include that instead of excluding it, there is relief and no more attempt to escape or change the moment.

When you know, the world is not real, it is easy to deal with it as it appears in the moment, because you know, you are not there – and so it is not serious business to pretend, that you are there.

Aloneness is a step towards oneness
If you walk the way of inclusion, there is no going back, although it at times seemed easier, when pain was suppressed. Jesus was in big pain on the cross, which seems to be unavoidably, if you want to know, what you are not and come back to that which is you. As there is no more than that which is one, going back you must be on your own without anywhere to go or help to get from a god or anything else.

When you acknowledge the difference of any contrast in the world, differences do not make a difference. They cancel out each other, so no matter what thought or feeling seem to pass by, you cannot help but smile, because there appear to be nothing there.

Having nothing, there is nothing to want, but to be that which is you. The world does not matter apart from being symbols of that which is one. You do not know, how long you last as a person in the world, but it makes no difference. There is nothing you need to change or keep, because you see nothing but symbols of that which is.

This is not a new religion, where it is a sin to want changes. The personality will always look for that, and there is no reason to fight it. That would be just another change. Let the personality have its changes. It changes nothing, because everything in the world is nothing but a symbol of that which is.

You can of course fill this nothing with archaic visions of tunnels with light in the end, or ideas of how the world should be or rage about the egoistic world, but you can also include the nothingness, as it is – and be the emptiness that comes from inclusion. Somehow you are there in the emptiness. Yet not defined as a specific entity, because your personality changes like the wind – so much that it may seem slippery to others. But you have no need to own one of the fleeting attitudes and shape it into a your specific personality.

Fear is the blockage of oneness
It is fear that defines you as a person in the world, so if you do not fear nothingness, there is nothing but emptiness. Without fear time and space dissolves. Fear is what limits you to appear as a person living in a capsule of time and space. When there is fear, nothing is good enough. You must have more of something. You need to be more. Without fear everything is good enough, as it is.

If you fear, that which is undefined and unknown, you will black out when definitions fail to work, and try to continue participating in the common belief that you are an autonomous creature in a world identified by time and space.

Pain is the fear materializing. The fear, that the pain will not end, starts the hope that the person, you think you are, will lasts. Without taking fear seriously, there is no need to be a person. It is out of the fear, the idea of a person is born in the hope, that this thing can be used as an instrument to distance the fear. But as the foundation for a person is fear, there will always be fear in the life of a person.

How to be fearless?
To be fearless is to include the fear and to include it is to acknowledge the fear without analysing it. To acknowledge it is to be it – and being it, it is no more a blockage – and so there is no need to be a person in order to solve or avoid it. You are free to go with the flow.

The article was written January 2014 from my sickbed in much pain and with long breaks of emptiness between the words. The pain though did not result in suffering but in silence and fearless awe for what is to come. I am not talking about light at the end of the tunnel, eternal love and other definable shit, but the end of the world defined by time and space.

NOTE: I am very good at playing the game of the world, whether it is as a monk, a businessman and a father. Yet there is nothing to gain from the game except emptiness. And if that is what you want, you do not have to play a specific game of the world. To appear in the world as a person is like appearing in Monopoly. You are not there, and realising that, the motivation for specifically becoming a monk and whatnot fades out.

It is a painful transition full of sorrow until you are willing to include all your interpretations and the feelings they seem to result in – especially that you seem to be alone and that the emptiness of that is so beautiful.

Including this, you are free to play the game of the world, when that is needed for shopping food or doing other basic stuff … and it just happens effortlessly. But you do not feel any need to play the game of being with other persons to avoid feeling alone.

This article is part of hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is a perfect moment. It is also part of the hack No hope is freedom from fear – see extra duality hacks.


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