To keep up the belief that you are special, what is judged not to be special must be excluded from what you believe to be

Taking everything personal is a way way to keep distance and therefore to confirm separation and that you are something special. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Taking everything personal is a way to enhance the belief in being someone definitive, who is separated from a world experienced to be outside of what you believe to be. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

If you judge for example the wind to have the power to change your state of mind, you believe to be a person in a world where there seems to be more than one and the wind to do something personal to you, even though it does not know you. This applies as well to the other appearance that looks like you. They do not know you – neither themselves, because there is no self. Hence it is make-believe that something personal has ever been done to you.

The sun never rises or sets, because it does not move around the earth. It is the earth, that moves around the sun, but as you consider yourself to be the crown of creation, you think you are the centre of everything.

What seems to be you is a fabrication based on what you perceive to be moving around you, and as that perception is the result of what you have excluded from what you believe to be you, what is perceived to be outside of you is experienced as very personal.

Whether you perceive to give love or hate, the belief in separation is enhanced, because only if you believe that you and the receiver is separated can you perceive to give something.

Although it appears to cause much pain keeping a personality together by perceiving a personal world outside of it, you compulsively go on to judge everything as personal, because that is the way to hide the impersonal reality of that which is one.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.3 Life is inclusive and not exclusive.