The belief in separation seems to hide there is no more than that which is one

The dream of a spiritual personality in a perfect balanced body causing a constant state of peace and tranquility, can only be upheld by closing your eyes for what you judge not to be perfect and peaceful. In other words, your dreams of perfection requires something to be excluded. Thus that which is one is fenced off, because it is all-inclusive. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

In a relationship special concepts and exceptional memories are cherished as if you together are something exceptional, so when you experience something that fits into your established way of being be together, your relation is established unique and together you can laugh or be upset about other relations .

Common concepts of what is right or wrong is used in movies to manipulate us into thinking we feel something specific – just like certain concepts of the world may fool you into feeling your country or state of mind as the best.

When you do not believe all the concepts regarding New Year, for example, you will see that without them it may not feel new.

In other words, what you appear to feel, while watching a movie, is not based on the movie but thoughts popping up from the past about what you judge as right and wrong. If you check what you actually feel, you are in most cases not touched by the movie at all. It is solely something that you think. The same applies to being attracted by a certain body type. The attraction is based on memories of something you have categorised as the right fit.

A perfect body cannot be felt, because there is no such thing. Yet the feeling of not being perfect can be felt, and as that feeling of frustration is the means to feel you are someone definitive, so though you may hide your frustrations, they serve you well, because being frustrated about not being perfect, the belief in separation and therefore you as someone definitive is enhanced. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

You wish you feel something in regards to seeing, what you judge as the perfect body, but you do not feel anything, as the idea of a perfect body is a thought construction of body from where the parts of the body judged not to be perfect is excluded.

To not see your self-deception, you imagine what you can do to the fragments of the body, you have judged to be perfect. Rules are established of how to interact, so you can hide, you have no feelings invested in the actual body – only in your imagination of it. The same applies if you are attracted to a specific type of personality.

If you are accused of being shallow in such a relation, you can prove your commitment to it by pointing to the rules, that you strictly adhere to . Yet it is nothing but a construction of thoughts used to avoid real intimacy, as in it ocean of that the believe in separation will go down the drain, so that there is nothing to hide, there is no more than the intimacy of that which is one.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.3 Life is inclusive and not exclusive.