SH Inclusion excludes the idea, that you are someone special

If you focus on the contrasts of this image, you probably end up deducing something and therefore conclude, you are someone definitive looking at something that you understand. But if you defocus, the contrasts disappears and there is not something to deduce and therefore nothing to understand. When you do not understand anything, you do not know what and where you are and so there is no knowledge to hide that which cannot be known, namely the formlessness of oneness. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

»Confirmation bias refers to a type of selective thinking whereby one tends to notice and to look for what confirms one´s beliefs, and to ignore, not look for, or undervalue the relevance of what contradicts one´s beliefs.« The Skeptic´s Dictionary.

Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings are written from the perspective of nobody, but as most fight hard to appear as if they are somebody, they automatically twist them into something that confirms their belief in being unique.

To make it look as if there is more than one in the world, your thoughts are constantly used fabricate an image of somebody appearing to be outside of the thoughts you have compiled to be you. In this way, specific thoughts establish you as someone thinking them and other thoughts of you meeting somebody else.

Alexius has no compassion for anybody because he sees nobody. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you do not believe the division of thoughts into me and them makes a difference the fabrication of you as someone definitive cannot be upheld. In other words, when the specific thoughts, that are excluded from what appears to be you in order to make it appear as if there are more than you, are included instead, there does not appear to be anybody outside of you and therefore nobody to acknowledge you like somebody.

If you want to believe, that you are unique with your own path to follow and that there is someone special only for you, you do not want the reality of that which is one, because in the formlessness of oneness nobody is unique, since it requires more than one to be unique or anything at all. In other words, there is nobody in the formlessness of oneness. Neither anywhere else, as formlessness is endless.

Hence there is no separation and thus nobody else but you. Not the limited you, that you believe to be, but that which is everything, namely the formlessness of oneness. See also hack #3.6 Phasing out the personality.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

But as that which is everything is formless, it seems to be nothing in a world defined by time and space, so most choose to interpret not being exclusive but inclusive as a way to own one´s thoughts or to accept, as this implies they are someone definitive understanding Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings. Yet they forget, that to understand them is to not know what they are about because the formlessness of oneness cannot be known since there is no more than that which is one.

Believing to be someone specific you want to feel validated by resonating with somebody or something perceived to be like-minded.. If you find such validation in Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings you have overlooked their basic message, namely that there is no more than that which is one and therefore nothing to resonate with.

When the duality hacks are applied there is nobody to understand them because they neutralise all contrasts, and without them, there is not something to perceive, neither someone to perceive anything.

What you seem to think or do only matters if you believe, you are someone specific. When you are nobody nothing matters, neither if you seem to think or do as if it does, because there is no ´I´ with the intention of manifesting itself to be somebody.

So if you had expected inclusion to be the way to something new, you have gotten it wrong. Inclusion leads to nothing. But when there is nothing, there is not something to hide there is no more than the formlessness of oneness.

The idea of living in the now is an attempt to exclude what is judged to be bad, so you can be judged as good.The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The idea of getting freedom and power from living in the now is an attempt to exclude what is judged to be bad so you can be judged as good and only that. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

There seem to be certain thoughts, that need to be avoided before you can be living in the now. according to the concepts established about the nowThis means, however, that you are not living now but later.

More to the point, you are living in the past, because the now that is supposed to come when negative thoughts and whatnot has been excluded is a result of your past ideas or doctrines about what is now and what is now, whereas in a perfect moment everything is now, since it includes everything, no matter if you are thinking of the past in a regretting or happy way, or about the future in worried or excited fashion.

Who but those, who judge others to be bad, have the need to appear as good?

In other words, the search for freedom in the now is an attempt to escape the present moment as it is by editing it and thereby avoiding its intimacy.


  • For the not so spiritual-minded person, the goal may be to be a bad-ass, but that is just another way of following concepts of how to become someone definitive so you can fence off the intimacy of being all-inclusive by always respond in relation to the personality you have created.
  • This article is part of hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is a perfect moment.