That which is one is non-existence, because it takes more than one to exist

The speed of oneness cannot be illustrated, because it is so fast that it cannot be seen. The graphic is grabbed from Ello.

The formlessness of that which is one cannot be illustrated, because it is so fast – unimaginable much faster than this animation – that it fuses into one. There is no differentiation possible. Yet everything is there, because formlessness is endless. The graphic is grabbed from Ello.

Looking forward to feel the speed of that which is one to manifest itself in you is a waste of time. It cannot manifest anything. On the contrary. It erases everything you believe to be, because any belief – whether so-called spiritual or mundane – seems to hide it, although there is nothing else than that which is one, because it is formless and therefore endless.

To be or not to be is always the question in a world defined by time and space. But this is not so in the formlessness of that which is one, as it requires more than one to be something.

Yet from the perspective of a world defined by time and space that which is one is not anywhere. It is non existing. And indeed this is so, because it takes more than one to exist. In other words, everything that is experienced to exist is an illusion.

NOTE: This little article is a nota bene to the previous one As non-duality is formless and therefore endless, there is no duality. They are both part of hack #3.4 Exclusiveness results in something and inclusiveness in nothing.