The mind is the gap

Go with the flow and go all the way, if you do not want something to hide the formlessness of that which is you. The animation is grabbed from Ello.

Try imagining to pump up the volume of music until it is so distorted, that it cannot be perceived as music. And then go on imagining to pump it up until it is so loud, that there is nothing to hear. Hence there is not someone definitive to know this.

Going all the way does not result in something but that which is formless.

It is not a suggestion to actually do this, but to imagine it until the mind cannot grasp it, because the mind is the gap* between the appearance of you as someone definitive and the formlessness of that which is you.

*) Check out the article Do you see a pink flower in this image? for more about the gap, that initiated the appearance of a world where there seems to be more than one.

NOTE: This article is a nota bene to the previous one Going all the way, there is no more than that which is one. They are both part of hack #3.5 Inclusiveness is pure bliss.