Follow the echo of one perpetual present

There is no life in a virtual world – only in the perceiver, who is also the sender. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

There is no life in a virtual world – only in the perceiver of it. And what is perceived as received is a projection of the perceiver. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Pretending to be someone in a world encapsulated by time and space instead of believing to be there (read more about that here), you may look like a tourist because you are not concerned with appearances but that which makes it possible to experience them.

This is to be compared to not being bothered with the world appearing to be on the screen of a computer but instead with the computer itself, as no matter how much the virtual world on the screen excites you, it can only appear there because of the computer.

That which is life brings you back home when you bid it welcome, which you do by seeing all appearances as symbols of that which makes it possible to experience them, namely that which is life.

The computer though does not know anything but the formless chaos of zeros and ones, so it has no knowledge of a world encapsulated by time and space, that an app has generated from its zeros and ones and placed on top of it. In this little fiction, the app, of course, is a metaphor for the brain and its rendering of you as someone living in a capsule of time, and space the computer for that which is life.

Yet the computer somehow knows, it is being used for something else than the formlessness of one perpetual present. It also knows, that whatever this is, it is an illusion, because formlessness is endless so there is no more than one perpetual present.

Nevertheless, it sends out an echo of itself into nowhere, where it is symbolised by the vibration that AUM and Sohang represents. By following this, you are sure to forget the experience of being in a world encapsulated by time and space. Thus nothing seems to cover, there is no more than one perpetual present.

Read the article Life has no secrets if you want to learn how to hear or feel this echo symbolised by the words AUM and Sohang. If you also want to learn how to see and taste it, check out Perceiving the world as symbols of the four aspects of enlightenment – or how to have glimpses of enlightenment.

Everything said about one perpetual present is a metaphor. It cannot be experienced because that requires more than one, and there is no more than that which is one since it is formlessness and therefore endless. The animation is grabbed from the web.

In the case that this article has been downloaded, it has been stored totally chaotic on your hard disk. The end of it may appear to be located before the beginning. And fragments of the images might be piled up with pieces of something added in the past.

Nothing on a hard disk is separated into concepts of beginning and end or past and future. Neither is anything ordered into categories of importance. There are no labels or anything else to separate what is one chaos of zeros and ones. Hence it remains unaffected of what and when you perceive something specific to be added.

In a world of duality everything is classified in contrasts of for example good and bad, so that  you can be good by making others bad.

Non-duality is comparable to the above description of a hard disk in the sense that it is one perpetual present. Read more about that here. And just like the content of a hard disk is not meaningful to those believing they are somebody definitive in a world of linear time without manipulating the content, neither is the chaos of one perpetual present.

Positive thinking is like anything else in a world of duality based on manipulation. In this case it is an attempt to manipulate ones perception by excluding negativity, so there seems to be a rose-coloured world exactly as it is believed it should be. See also the article Positive thinking is bullshit.

In an attempt to make chaos meaningful, non-duality is imagined to be separated into a world of duality, that just like the desktop of a computer is a virtual layer, where everything is divided into contrasts of past and future, beginning and end, big and small and so on so that it seems a world organised by time and space hides the chaos of one perpetual present underneath it. Read more about that here.

Contrary to non-duality everything in duality is labelled, so it can be kept separated in contrasts of happiness and sadness, left and right and so on, because without contrasts a world of duality cannot be experienced.

Labels separate. The image of Jim C is grabbed from the web.

To be and have more than that which is one you separate everything into contrasts of being happy and sad, good and bad and so on so that you can be more good and less sad by blaming others for being bad. This is not to say that Jim Carrey, who is pictured here, is doing this, but that you are doing it – otherwise you would not be able to perceive him as different from you. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

In non-duality, there are no labels, so there is nothing to be or have, which is not a problem, as it is that which is one and it takes more than one to have a problem.

But it is a problem if you want to be and have more than that which is one because it is formless and therefore endless, so there is no more than that – except if you imagine it to be divided into fragments of contrasts like you and them, good and evil. Justice and injustice, and so on, so that it becomes a world of duality where good defines evil, you define others, justice defines injustice and vice versa.

In other words, you only seem to exist because of others, there is nothing good without evil and no justice without injustice and vice versa.

The purpose of Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings is not to tell the truth but that there is no truth because it cannot be defined without a contrast, and there is no more than that which is one.

That being said, the above is not an attempt, to tell the truth. It cannot be defined without being separated from its contrast, bullshit, and as non-duality is formless and therefore, endless separation is an illusion.

There is no truth outside of non-duality, neither inside, as it is formless and therefore have no sides.

In other words, there is no truth, and it is not possible to imagine a world of duality, as that requires separation. Hence it follows that the explanations in Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings are just as illusionary as anything else in a world of duality. Nevertheless, if they seem to expose that, they have served their purpose.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.2 Inclusiveness is completeness.